Panic! at the Disco are back and better than ever

The anticipation for Panic! At The Disco was staggering, would they be as good seeing as this tour only has a quater of the original lineup? Better than good.

Kicking off with the amazing Time to Dance I was won over immediately, the crowd were going crazy and Brendan Urie sporting his flashy jacket on stage looked amazing. Carrying on into Ballad of Mona Lisa and then The Only Difference Between Matrydome and Suicide Is Press Coverage Brendan then takes some time to introduce themselves...as if they need to.

It's easy to forget how many good songs this band have, from their humble beginnings with their first effort A Fever You Can't Sweat Out all the way up to now with their new album Too Weird To Live, Too Strange To Die of which they played a few songs off including the brilliantly catchy single Miss Jackson during which Brendan backflipped off the drums which was fun and This is Gospel

Clearly a band that don't take themselves seriously in between songs they would randomly bust out some AC/DC and at one point did a little bit of Groove is in the Heart and then joked about how one day they'd learn to play a song in full. All of this added to an amazing show.

'Okay so this is how it's gonna go down from here, usually a band will have three more songs, they'll play one and then go off and do an encore. That's all bullshit we know it's all bullshit' Brendan says to a sea of screams and cheers 'and we don't want to miss a second of this so we're just gonna do three more songs and then we're going. I need to get some NyQuil and go to bed like a little baby'

A 19 set song ending with the obvious choice of I Write Sins, Not Tragedies to give this audience one last dose of Disco Love before they exit the stage. I believed that Panic! Had missed their shot at taking the world on but with a show like this and their amazing new album it definitely isn't too late to start believing.