At the absolute top of their game

The last couple of UK shows for Killswitch Engage have been met with huge appraise and rave reviews, so the anticipation for this performance was through the roof of the famous Brixton Academy. After Trivium slightly disappointed as well, the stage was well and truly set for Killswitch to come on and obliterate everything, and that they did. First off, this show has confirmed more than ever that Jesse Leach's return to the fold after Howard Jone's departure was a phenomenal decision. Throughout the performance it felt like Jesse has hit the peak of confidence since his return because he was absolutely on fire. He made Howard-era tunes his own, he nailed his own stuff old and new, and generally confirmed himself as one of the best front men in Metal.

The show kicked off with an absolutely thunderous A Bid Farewell and immediately, looking across the whole crowd, it was bedlam. Adam D was running around, as mad as ever, providing as much entertainment from his antics as his music. Therein lies so much behind the brilliance of this band as a live act, they just know how to put on a great show. They were able to tear through tracks sprawling across the back catalogue, from The Arms Of Sorrow to Rose of Sharyn to the timeless My Last Serenade. Where Trivium had pockets of heightened enthusiasm from their die hard's, Killswitch had a consistent level of chaos. One of the only real drawbacks from the show was the fact that it could have been so much longer, but being a joint headline deal, both bands got around 65-70 mins each. But when one of your main criticisms is the fact that you wish it had been longer, you know someone was doing something right. One of the moments of the set, was Jesse Leach's show of huge appreciation to the fans, but mainly the rest of his band for letting him come back in such a fashion and be part of this all again.