Set Yourself Alight

Black Moth's popularity has really begun to explode in recent months as they sit snugly underneath the 'underrated bands' banner. Their newest release, Condemned To Hope has received high praise across most of the music media, including ourselves, so it proved to be the core behind the set list choice at The Underworld tonight. Harriet is growing into a truly phenomenal front-woman, one who will continue to improve as this band undoubtedly progress. Her passionate performance exudes this aura that she is just a natural at fronting a band as she mixes quality delivery with crowd interaction seamlessly.

With the new album being such a key element to the show, it was great to see just how many in the crowd were already completely in to the new material, singing along like it's been out for years. In contrast to the previous two acts on the night, Black Moth came on to the stage with no fanfare, and no effects - they turned up, plugged in and went for it. Tumbleweave was the menacing opener live it always threatened to be on record, and other tracks like Set Yourself Alight and Room 13 sounded suitably huge as well. From the first riff there were heads banging from front to back. The fan base is still very much growing, and taking a glance across the floor at The Underworld it is clear that they have been able to strike something with all ages - it wasn't quite a sold out show but it was close enough and as their momentum grows they'll be moving onto slightly bigger venues no problem.

The band as a whole were excellently tight, with bassist Dave Vachon in particular keeping everything together. Throughout the show it was rare not to catch at least one of them with an absolutely beaming smile on their face which was great to see. Live reviews often paint a picture of what was going on at the show, so to sum this one up - this was an excellent rising band turning up, riffing some faces off and creating a damn good time for everyone throughout. Top show.