Motorhead - Aftershock Tour

Motorhead have had their fair share of line up changes over the years but what is consistent with them is the fact that they are one of the loudest bands around and Saturday's show at Wembley Arena proved that they are not in any hurry to quieten down.

With the crowd suitably warmed up thanks to The BossHoss and The Damned, Motorhead wasted no time in launching into action; as soon as they appeared they seemed to launch into Shoot You In The Back.

Whilst Lemmy's feet appeared glued to the spot throughout Motorhead's killer set, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee oozed energy, so much so that it would put bands 40 years their junior to shame.

Those that have seen Motorhead before will know that Doctor Rock is Dee's time to shine, and the Wembley show was no different as he launched into a drum solo that was so epic and intense that the audience felt their biceps ache just from watching.

Campbell's blistering guitar work was impressive from start to finish as he frantically bounded around the stage. Nailing song after song, showing the crowd what a real guitarist looks and sounds like.

Their show was filled with a nice mix of tracks from various eras of the trio's impressive career such as Just 'Cos You Got the Power (That Don't Mean You Got The Right), Killed By Death and of course, Ace Of Spades.

As the Motorhead began to wrap up one of their largest shows in years, Lemmy annouced "Don't forget us, we are Motorhead and we play rock 'n' roll" before receiving rapturous applause as the band launched into Overkill.

Thanks to Motorhead's mammoth sound, everyone left Wembley with ringing in their ears and simply buzzing after watching a blistering set from one of the baddest bands around who sound just as relevant today as they did 35 years ago.