Absolute Gold. Solid Gold If You Will.

You probably would have noticed that it doesn’t take much for us to shout about Turbowolf at Room Thirteen, and we’ve had the opportunity to review them at various venues in recent times, but none bigger than tonight at Brixton Academy. The band were not headlining, they’re not there just yet, but in support of a band who they’ve been heavily influenced by in Death From Above 1979, the stage was well and truly set for them to make a big impression yet again - and that they did.

As the band hit the Brixton stage, the crowds were still casually strolling in, and for a moment it felt like maybe they wouldn’t get the chance to make as big an impact as they’re capable of, but as soon as the first note was struck and the four of them exploded into a flurry of energy, immediately eyes were transfixed. Tracks like A Rose For The Crows and Read + Write gained good reactions as front man Chris Georgiadis did brilliantly throughout to keep the crowd engaged. Every night is Friday night with Turbowolf.

In what will likely please the band most though is the fact that their newer tracks almost certainly triggered the biggest reaction. As has become almost standard at a Turbowolf show these days, Solid Gold was excellently chaotic and Rabbit’s Foot deliriously mesmerising. They’re clearly making all the right strides at the moment, yes there was decent sized Turbowolf contingent down the front, but there were also a hell of a lot of people in Brixton Academy who might have only had limited exposure to the band so watching an absolute sea of hands go up in appreciation at the end of the set was truly excellent to see.

The band are heading full steam towards a new album due out in April, and as each day rolls by their stock rises. They are consistently brilliant live and have proven themselves to be one of the hardest working bands on the circuit at the moment. When that album does drop, things really have the potential to take off.

(Photo Credit: Jo Dos Santos)