Anti-Flag Live at Brooklyn Bowl

Anti-Flag and Less Than Jake joined forces to play a special show branded Punks ‘N’ Pins at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Despite the fact the Anti-Flag were not billed as headliners for the evening, the atmosphere was electric for their set, and the Pittsburgh punks quickly set a precedent for the rest of the night - Less Than Jake were going to have a lot to live up to.

Having spent over 20 years as a band, Anti-Flag had an impressive back catalogue of songs to pick from, but they found a nice balance between playing fan-favourites, big sing-along tracks and songs from their most recent album American Spring.

Turncoat perfectly demonstrated the dynamic between Justin Sane’s and Chris #2’s voices, between the two of them, little time was wasted in starting a circle pit but they were sure to remind the crowd of the rock ‘n’ roll etiquette that if someone falls down, you pick them up before letting the circular chaos commence.

Anti-Flag put on a lively and seamless show that was full of passion, passion that you could see, hear and feel song after song. The band was tight and efficient throughout their set and were confident in delivering the truth and hitting the political nerve hard and fast.

Brandenburg Gate; one of the band’s newer songs, received a massive response as it sounded like a punk anthem with its repetitive chorus which got everyone singing along regardless of whether they’d heard the track before or not, although, one suspects some people may have been singing “Battenberg Cake”.

As Anti-Flag began to wrap up their set, Pat Thetic’s drum kit was moved to the centre of the crowd, Chris #2 mounted the bass drum to give their fans a true up close and personal performance as a circle pit formed around the two rockers ensuring that their set came to a notable end. A stellar performance from an awesome band.