The Offspring

Remember when Dexter Holland said "I won’t wanna play music when I’m forty, I’d rather be a professor at a university"? Well, it turns out that he was either talking nonsense or couldn’t get a job as a professor because it the ripe old age of 49, he continues to rock as the frontman of The Offspring.

The band opened with You’re Gonna Go Far Kid which seemed lost on the older fans in the crowd, but this was quickly followed All I Want and Come Out and Play, both of which really got the crowd going. Whilst the band may be older, they still have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, which the crowd lapped up as they eagerly sung and danced along track after track.

The high octane show calmed down for a tender acoustic rendition of Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?, a song which was in stark contrast to the majority of their set.

Highlights of the evening came in the form of two of the band’s biggest hits; Pretty Fly For A White Guy and Why Don’t You Get A Job?. Structurally, The Offspring’s music is pretty simple and a lot of songs have a similar sound, but the band clearly know what works for them and on stage, they show no signs of slowing down.

The Offspring did a great job at entertaining the fans at their sold-out show, and whilst things did get a bit repetitive everyone present seemed to have a good time and there was no doubting that their fans were glad to have them back on British soil.