Not So Dormant

With it being just 24 hours after the tragic events which unfolded in Paris, the atmosphere as Sylosis took to the stage was relatively subdued, but as soon as they hit their stride so began an evening which became both a fantastic tribute to all those affected and one where people were able to forget about the terrors of this world - exactly what music goers need and seek when attending gigs.

With two American heavyweights leading the bill in Megadeth and Lamb Of God it felt awesome to see a British band open proceedings in such a large arena and also attract a sizable crowd. Their most recent album Dormant Heart gained most of the attention as far as the setlist was concerned, but as a group they delivered a support slot which was both powerful and lasting. You can guarantee that a fair few punters who got down to the venue early to check these guys out have since become new fans. Luckily for them the sound was absolutely on point, which hasn’t always been the case for support bands in this venue in the past, as with each track they delivered crisp heaviness, not losing any of their technical prowess to what could have potentially been a dodgy mix.

Criticisms aimed towards Sylosis in the past have mainly centred around the fact that live, they’re not all that exciting - but these criticisms are heavily misguided. There is not always a need to be running around like a loon on stage, for some bands it works, but if Sylosis started doing the same it would feel ridiculous. They’re a no nonsense kind of band, they turn up, smash your face in with riffs and leave - Servitude tonight sounded particularly massive.

Overall then, this was a big moment for Sylosis. Being on tour with Megadeth and Lamb Of God alone is hugely impressive, but to turn up to Wembley Arena, apparently unfazed, and smash through a set which triggered pits across the floor at only 6pm in the evening you know you’re doing something right. Who knows what the future could contain for this band.