Consistently At The Top Of Their Game


On then to tonight’s headliners and the unmistakable bedlam one can only associate with a Cancer Bats show. Tufnell Park’s Dome was completely sold out, and as the band hit the stage, launching in to True Zero, the phrase ‘a hero’s welcome’ is not an understatement - as Liam Cormier later emphasised, the UK (and London in particular) have been pivotal in the rise of the Cancer Bats. Their latest album has been met with mixed reactions, but this is mainly due to the poor production levels. Live though, when the band blast through some of the newer tracks, there is this overwhelming sense that this was how they were MEANT to sound and be heard. Despite this ultimately still being a tour in support of this record, the set-list proved to be an excellent mash up of highlights from across their back catalogue. When you’re only five tracks in and they blasting into R.A.T.S. you know you’re at a great show.

Cancer Bats have always been consistently good live and tonight was no exception, with The Dome’s excellent sound particularly rewarding for Scott Middleton’s insane riff-work. Hardcore music sits at the root of their sound, but the band’s ability to bring such a persistent level of groove never fails to get a crowd going. The pit was ongoing all night, and a shout out also to the security on the night who allowed the more brave fans to crowd surf and stage dive at free will. The band were unaffected by it, and it generally gave the whole show an awesome Punk level of danger. About midway through the set Hail Destroyer and French Immersion triggered the biggest sing alongs, that is until they bounced their way through Sabotage at the end of the night. The set blitzed by in what felt like a flash despite the band covering nearly twenty odd tracks.

An important shout out too to the fantastic commitment made by the whole band, but Liam Cormier in particular who has been the face of a campaign to raise money for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Liam will be shaving his head for the charity at the end of the tour as each night they’ve been collecting money in a big welly boot. At the time of the show in London they’d raised over 4000 quid already which is a massive achievement indeed. If you want more info on donating head over to the Cancer Bats official site!

Overall then, as you’d probably expect, Cancer Bats absolutely smashed it. As a live band they are easily one of the most consistent in all of heavy music, blending complete pandemonium with a genuine feel-good party atmosphere every single time.