FVK support Escape The Fate at Camden's Ellectric Ballroom

FVK (previously Fearless Vampire Killers) is current preparing for their Bruises Tour which kicks off in early March and although there may not be a London date on this tour, fans may have been fortunate enough to see them live when supporting Escape the Fate at Camden’s Electric Ballroom recently.

We have all be at live performances, waiting with anticipation to see the main act and dreading having to sit through two or three uninteresting supporting artists, but this is never the case for FVK. This is a band that give it everything they have regardless of whether it is their own headlining tour or as a supporting artist for another band. Bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm, jumping, head banging and heading into the crowd, FVK live every performance like their career depends on it.

The set may have only been six tracks long and did miss out a few fan favourites such as Bite Down On My Winchester, Could We Burn, Darling and Bow Ties On Dead Guys from their 2012 debut Militia of the Lost, but it did feature several tracks from Unbreakable Hearts (Say What You Want, Maeby, Neon in the Dance Halls), the new release Bruises (Like Bruises, Regret) and of course no set would be complete without All Hallows Eve.

As per usual Kier and Laurence took turns in taking centre stage, each demonstrating their differing vocal talents and stage presence. Kier has a much more of an endearing vocal tone and lively stage persona while Laurence is a little more dramatic in the way he comes across. Each vocalist is unique but when the two come together and Drew, Luke and Cyrus are thrown into the mix, the magic is born and FVK is at their greatest.

This was a lively performance from FVK and if you can make one of their upcoming tour dates it is highly recommended that you do and catch them in their element.