Beautiful Aggression

When Nuclear Blast Records buddies Sylosis and Decapitated announced they would be going out on tour with each other, the anticipation level were understandably very high. These are two Metal bands who, over the last few years in particular, have never compromised from producing high quality, riff fuelled mayhem. Decapitated’s last release was in 2014, and with many anticipating new material some time in the near future, they were the first to enter the fray at a packed out Electric Ballroom.

Sometimes when bands hit the back end of their touring cycle on an album, the shows become a lot more laboured and generally feel tired. Not for Decapitated tonight. This was as impressive a live performance you’ll see from a Metal band all year; hitting the stage by battering their way through a ferocious version of Exiled In Flesh and never really looking back. As if anyone had any doubts at all over Rafal Piotrowski on vocals, his imperious stomping nature is in itself incredibly infectious to watch - he just absolutely dominates the live performance.

The speed, precision and general viciousness at which Decapitated deliver a live performance is something truly to be marvelled - to the point at which by the third or fourth track it actually felt unfair that anyone had to follow them. Considering the widespread success of Veins across the Metal scene it was no surprise to see tracks from this record receiving the biggest reaction - the title track itself sounding so heavy it felt like the walls were going to cave in, with other highlights being Blood Mantra and The Blasphemous Psalm To The Dummy God Creation.

By the time the band had finished their set they had pummelled through eleven tracks with more force than a sledgehammer to the face. Decapitated are rightfully being hailed as one of the kings of Technical Death Metal at the moment; and after this show we’re just excited about how far they can take it.