Finland's finest power metal band take over Derby!

Sonata Arctica are not happy bunnies tonight. As soon as they arrive on stage, there are problems with everything except the crowd who impatiently bellow for Sonata to begin. Toni Kakko (vocals) is crippled with his microphone set incorrectly so they didn't need problems with the balance between bass and drums. Most of their first UK set is sadly ruined by this unfortunate turn of events. Kakko, instead of throwing a Dave McPherson-esque tantrum on stage motions for the rest of the band to make their guitar solos longer, allowing him to run off stage at every opportunity to attempt to fix the faulty equipment. However, when a second microphone fails to perform, Kakko throws a rather spectacular hissy fit behind the drum kit leaving one of the Bloodstock roadies looking rather tearful. Despite this outburst, the band valiantly struggle onwards, knowing that they're losing potential fans through no fault of their own.

In some ways, the technical problems mean Sonata can talk more to the crowd- the perfect way to sneakily fiddle with microphone setting without ruining a song. Luckily for Sonata Arctica, they have a vast and supporting fan base that roars with support and adoration. Luckily for everyone present in the Main Hall, all the problems are smoothed out and the band are able to play a stunning rendition of 'Full Moon'. If you've never heard anything by this band, this is a great place to start, for its wild energy on record will give you an idea why this band are regarded as one of the great Finnish bands to see live. Despite the problems they encounter, the members of Sonata Arctica depart from the stage knowing that a full UK tour would not be aiming too high too soon. By testing the water at Bloodstock and whetting the appetites of those who stayed with them despite the technical problems, they've ensured that the next time they play to a British crowd it will be in a sold out venue.

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