Commenting on the video, bassist Chad Fjerstad stated, "I've been making these type of hacked-up, layered performance music videos for a few years now. I told myself I wanted to take a break from that stylistically but The Primals needed a video that shows the band for exactly who we are, doing what we do. This is a band that's about one thing only: the music. Therefore, we've created a video free of other themes or concepts, letting our personas be the only thing to complement the song, with the exception of some colour washing and video distortion of course. I'm glad we moved forward with it because this is probably my favourite music video of this style that I've made - it just works so wonderfully in the exact ways I wanted it to: shining a spotlight on John's very natural presence as a frontman, showcasing the incredible talent of Andrew Black as a drummer, and matching the intensity of the very energetic track. Then, I'm in there too, playing that Thunderbird... I guess that's worth something too. I'm not mad about any of it."

All Love Is True Love is out NOW via Southern Lord.