We Are Fiction took time out of their busy schedule to speak to us at this year's Takedown Festival.

R13:Great set guys! how did you feel it went over with the crowd?
Phil:Yeah, went really well. The crowd were really into it as well.

R13:Was it the crowd you were expecting? First time in Southampton
Phil:No, this is our first time ever time, i didn't expect that many people to be into it.
Marc:It was early in the day as well so it was a nice vibe, people got into it and like helped the atmosphere and helped us play our set.

R13:How's your Takedown experience going so far?
Phil: Having fun, definitely having fun!
Marc: We've only managed to set all our stuff up, play, merch and once the press stuff is done we're just gonna party.

R13:Nice! Any bands you're looking forward to?
Phil:Yeah, Mallory, Hildamay and Violet!
Marc:Everyone really! Friends, It's a good lineup basically.

R13:Any other festivals this summer?
Marc:This summer everything is kind of in the pipeline at the minute, management is sorting out the album which is basically coming out this summer. Nothing set in stone as of yet but a lot of plans.

R13:What for you guys is the best thing about day festivals?
Phil:It gives bands like us, English bands the chance to just get out there and be seen, you go out looking for somewhere to base your fans and you find people to watch you and just gives a chance for people to see you.
Marc:The partying is more concentrated as well. You haven't got that hangover day. I like how like if you're in your home town there's a music scene and day festivals seem to bring regionally different music scenes all together, all different people. People call it networking but seeing different acts from different pubs and different music scenes getting on. I mean that's really positive. That's the sort of thing that when I went to gigs when I was younger is what helped me get into music.

R13:How's the album coming along if it's being released in summer?
Phil: Very well yeah. Label is taking control over it at the moment [Destroy Everything] hopefully they will destroy everything.
Marc:Apart from the album.
Phil:Yeah apart from the album. We're looking for a summer release, got a new single out next month and then it's just the PR companies sorting stuff out and lots of touring. Really busy schedule at the minute. So many things going on and so much emotion building, hopefully it'll just explode and we can go from there.

R13:Wicked, well that's all the questions i've got. Have a good festival guys

WAF:Yeah man we will, gonna go and get drunk now.