Fury Fest was founded in 2013 and it quickly gained a reputation as one of the best music festivals to hear new alternative music. The festival may well be based in Liverpool but gives all bands, whether national or international a chance to showcase their anthems to music lovers. This year's line-up was jam packed with newbie and veteran hardcore rock bands split between two stages.

Doors to the event opened at 3:30 and the first two bands kicked off at 4:05. On visiting stage one first many were settled down and ready to hear some new sounds and they weren't disappointed. The band Headroom(9/13) opened the show with their well-constructed sound and made for a pleasing listen. Although the music at stage one was more suited to this reviewers taste the energy at stage two for most of the night was much livelier. The bands that played stage two were the heavier 'screamo' bands and took up the larger room in the venue giving more room for people to mosh.

Local Liverpool band Arcane Addiction(10/13) had a huge following in the room drawing a lot of people in. Amongst the excellent show, they had time to plug their upcoming gigs supporting Bury Tomorrow before leaving the stage to the next band. Wirral based band Carcer City(8/13) were on stage shortly after and lead singer Patrick Pinion reminded the crowd being in a band isn't as glamorous as it seems by stating "I haven't made a penny from this band in the 7 years I've been in it" but despite this his dedication showed through on every song.

Cardiff grime band Astroid Boys(6/13) hit the stage next and seemed to again have a big following as the whole room was packed while they were on stage, their whole set was energetic and fun and had people on their feet. Whilst the last band we caught over at stage two was hardcore band Desolated(7/13) who had the crowd up in a frenzy as the floor became a huge mosh pit. After Desolated, back over on stage one, headlining band I Am The Avalanche(11/13) closed the night. The New York based rock band opened their set with recent single The Shape I'm In as the whole room chanted along right back to the band. As their set progressed the crowd threw themselves into the music, aiming to end the night on a high.

So ends Fury Fest for another year. Who knows what it'll bring next time 'round but it's going to be hard to beat 2014.