Damnation Festival takes place at the Leeds University Student Union on the 1st November and there can be little doubt that as usual it is set to be one of the very best one-day extreme metal event of the year in the UK. The bands that have graced its hallowed stages over the last nine years are the clearest evidence of this. Ranging through the Devin Townsend Project, My Dying Bride, Electric Wizard, Napalm Death, Kreator, and last year the mighty Carcass headlining.

As recently announced, the festival is on the brink of being sold out. Completely in the spirit of metal, it is keeping a handful of tickets for the doors, to stop ticket touts ripping the fans off. We are pleased to say that Room Thirteen will be there to cover this amazing festival, and also interview some of the great bands that are playing.

In its tenth anniversary year, its another cracking line up, with UK Death Metal legends Bolt Thrower as headliners, in a rare live appearance. Alongside them Cannibal Corpse, who need no introduction, and US Doom Metal heroes St Vitus! The festival takes place over four amazing stages, which gives you an idea of how major an event this has become in the metal calendar.

In addition to the awesome headlining trio of Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, and St Vitus, we have some tips for bands you just don't want to miss. Anaal Nathrakh with their pulverising take on black metal, will be a deafening treat for your ears. Sólstafir are an Icelandic metal band, whose music completely defies categorisation, but have bags of downbeat atmosphere, and are getting increasingly talked about in metal circles. Then there is the much-underrated Revocation - there are few better in the world of technical death metal, don't miss them.

One other tip we would offer, is that the first thing you do when you arrive, is not to head to a bar or the merchandise stalls, but familiarise yourself with where the four stages are in the building. It will really pay off later when you are going between bands, there is so much packed into the line up you really don't want to miss a thing. We're all set for what is sure to be one of the metal highlights of the year! See you in the pit.