Camden is ready and primed to be taken over once again by some of the very best in the Stoner, Doom and Sludge Metal scenes, with more riffs and beer than most weekends can usually handle. Even taking a quick glance over the Desertfest 2015 line up it is clear that the festival has expanded once more, with it well and truly being an event that cannot be missed on the festival calendar. We’ve chosen the absolute must see acts from the huge line up!


Ever since they reformed back in 2009 Sleep have still kept a relatively low profile, playing very sporadically at festival dates around the world before disappearing again into months of silence. The announcement came last year that the band were finally working on some new material, and with their addition to the Desertfest line up it is fair to say that they’ve nailed an absolute coup in getting them on board. As part of the ever expanding Desertfest line up, the Sunday this year will see the KOKO open its doors to the absolute masters of Doom Metal. Do not miss this. Sleep are headlining KOKO on Sunday 26th April. Set time: 21.30pm.

Red Fang

Red Fang released the brilliant Whales And Leeches back in 2013 and ever since have been almost unstoppable on the live scene. Whilst sounding great on record, it is on the live stage where Red Fang really erupt into the beast that has caused them to become such a popular band. They’re arguably the most exciting and consistent live band on the Stoner scene at the moment, and with them already being Camden favourites (recently playing an intimate set at The Black Heart) they’re all set to close the first night of Desertfest in impressive style. Red Fang are headlining The Electric Ballroom on Friday 24th April. Set time: 22.30pm


With Desertfest bigger and better than ever in 2015 it would almost feel wrong to not include one of the biggest bands to come out of the NOLA Metal scene, so thankfully the legendary Eyehategod are all set to tear up Camden Town in their headlining slot on the Saturday night. Whilst not as rare to see live than Sleep, Eyehategod are still quite clearly a massive coup for the festival as Mike Williams, Jimmy Bower and crew will no doubt nail one of the sets of the weekend. Eyehategod are headlining The Electric Ballroom on Saturday 25th April. Set time: 20:30pm

Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band

Now if we’re talking about the Desert and Stoner scene, there are few more legendary figures than Brant Bjork. As the drummer in Kyuss he cemented his place in the scene, and has done little to harm his reputation as he continues to deliver riff fuelled, excellent music with his Low Desert Punk Band. It is not really an exaggeration to say that his involvement with the Stoner scene in the early days made it what it is today, so if you’re heading to this festival then you’d be a fool to miss this. Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band are playing The Electric Ballroom on Saturday 25th April. Set time: 18.45pm

Orange Goblin

Now if we’re talking consistency on the live scene then you can’t go wrong with Orange Goblin. The Londoner’s always deliver a pummelling set and sit in an awesome slot directly subbing to Red Fang. Last year the band released Back From The Abyss which received high critical acclaim. Expect to hear tracks old and new in another potential set of the weekend. Orange Goblin are playing The Electric Ballroom on Friday 24th April. Set time: 20:50

Hang The Bastard

Hang The Bastard released one of the best heavy records of the year in 2014 with Sex In The Seventh Circle and brushed aside all the doubts anyone had about the front man changes since their earlier records. As another London band, they’ll pull a strong crowd and no doubt deliver a set list centred on last year’s release. They’ve been placed in one of the smaller venues as well so expect it to be complete carnage. Hang The Bastard are playing The Black Heart on Saturday 25th April. Set time: 21.45pm

The Vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan have become one of the most exciting bands to emerge out of the Nuclear Blast roster and if their previous album Voyage is anything to go by then the soon to be released Arrival will also turn heads. Their interesting blend of influences, spanning 1970s prog up to modern day heavy rock creates an awesome sound which will no doubt translate on to the live stage. The Vintage Caravan are playing The Electric Ballroom on Friday 24th April. Set time: 14.45pm


With the ‘Psychedelic’ running strong throughout the Desert scene, the brilliantly experimental Ufomammut are ready to turn that up a few notches to help sort out a few of those Sunday hangovers. Whilst all of the bands in this piece are ‘must see’, even if you’ve never experienced Ufomammut and have no idea what they’re all about, you’ll walk away from this with your mind blown. Ufomammut are playing the KOKO on Sunday 26th April. Set time: 19.30pm

Karma To Burn

Karma To Burn are all about the music, literally. Having discarded any idea of having a front man years ago, the band focus on smashing your senses with riff after riff after riff. They’ve been busy touring away since the release of Arch Stanton last year so will be a well oiled machine when they roll in to Desertfest come the weekend. Karma To Burn are playing the KOKO on Sunday 26th April. Set time: 16.15pm


When checking this band out live, it is all in their name. Their use of effects create an awesome wall of sound to amplify a level of noise which a band double the size would struggle to achieve. The Manchester group have got a brilliant way of twisting heaviness with a prog feel and will almost certainly attract a big crowd on the day. They’re a unique live experience you’d be mad to miss. Amplifier are headlining The Jazz Cafe on Saturday 25th April. Set time: 21.30pm

So there you have it, our picks from the huge Desertfest 2015 line up. Whilst the above are absolute must-see, part of the fun with events like this is to wander from venue to venue checking out as many bands as possible. Embrace the Desert!