R13: Right- first things first! What's your name and what type of music do you play?
DA: We're Dead Against and we play Ska-Core.

R13: Why Ska-core? Did you all listen to that type of music or do you all come from different musical backgrounds?
DA: We like CapDown, AFI... lots of stuff really. It's a mixture.

R13: How long has your band been playing together?
DA: 3 months! It's our third gig as well!
R13: You don't sound like that young a band.
DA: You actually saw us then?
R13: Yeah, and I thought you were really good!

R13: So what've you got planned for Basingstoke then?
DA: We want to start a Ska scene in Basingstoke which is needed because there's nothing here at all. We've played around here and near Newbury as well...in a hut! It was a WI thing... Everyone loved the gig... all the gothic kids were dancing around! Someone got photos of that.

R13: You're getting good reception as a band then?
DA: We've had nothing negative said about us yet! We've got a really rubbish demo out soon- we're just finishing it off. We're doing that next week with John at QMC who did Goldfinger. We've also got a gig in London next week- at Kings Cross and a tour later on in the year, which will be around the south and up to Dorset.

R13: How are you going to be able to do that- are you at college... at work... uni?
DA: I just got kicked out of college because I couldn't be arsed to go.

DA: What did you think of our set then?
R13: I have to say, I thought it was really really good! Easily one of the best sets so far and I don't even listen to that much Ska! But yeah, I thought you were very good considering you've been around such a short time. I saw a band playing up in Leeds a while back- Catch It Kebabs... I could see you playing with them.
DA: The Dirty Great were good as well though!
R13: Oh, of course... yeah they were brilliant as well. I approve of Shed-core!
DA: I know someone who's Nintendocore... they wear a Nintendo controller on their belt! I thought Midnight Nation were good as well... the first band... Tuco?... they were good considering how long they've been around. They sounded like they wanted to be Pennywise though. And they blew up the desk as well! I'm looking forward to seeing Fireapple Red...

R13: How are you going to get your bands name heard and why should R13 readers check you out?
DA: Well, we've all got us a gig each now...so we've just got to carry on. People should listen to us because we're not your average Ska band.... We've got the really happy Ska...with angry, pissed off lyrics.

R13: Are you off to get trashed now you've done your set?
DA: Yep!