R13 talks hockey, hardcore and um...fish to the 36 Crazyfists vocalist Brock Lindow before they hit Nottingham Rock City with the full force that only Alaskans can achieve.

R13:So you must be lost for something to do without hockey this year, how have you been filling in for hours of match watching?

BL: At home there's a semi-pro team called the Alaskan Aces and they're like kicking ass. Scott Gomez, who plays for the New Jersey Devils, is at home playing so it's a really big deal for everybody and the playoffs are just starting. We've still had quite a good hockey fill. The NHL not going is really lame because that's what we do when we're not playing, we're watching hockey. Yeah it sucked.

R13:Do you think the players made the right decision?

BL: Um...nah. I mean every other sport has had a salary cap so I don't see why they thought they shouldn't have had one. I mean they don't make as much money as the other sports so I could see that point. When the business end of things isn't generating money you have to give somewhere. Finally they gave into the cap and then it was just too late they couldn't get it worked out. It sucked.

R13:So what do you think of Twelve Tribes?

BL: They're fucking awesome, those are our brothers. They're from the hardcore scene and they play music that's not typical hardcore, they don't have the chk...chk...chk...breakdowns that Hatebreed have or something like that but they still have the element. I think they're playing music that's more...I wouldn't say more musical, but it's just not typical, I guess, which is really cool. I think lyrically what they're about is more unique, more to earth, more peaceful, more unity type music. Love them, they're awesome

R13:So information on the new album?

BL: We've got a few songs done. We've been working on it since after New Years and should be done with it by mid-summer.

R13:Are you using Andy Sneap and James Wisner?

BL:Well Andy Sneap is definitely going to mix it that's for sure because we love him and he's awesome. We don't know who's going to produce it yet. James Wisner was a cool guy and we liked him...uhh...he's not like totally out of the question that we would use him again but we'll probably see if we can do something else, a little different as you don't want the same type of thing every time.

R13Any ideas what the first single off the new album will be?

BL:I don't know, the record companies always pick those sorts of things. Bloodwork was easy to know that that would be one of the singles, you know. At The End Of August, I don't think I ever thought that that would be a single. But I'm glad it was...whatever. But the new song we're playing tonight is kinda single...ish. "Felt Through A Phoneline"

R13:Any planned artwork for the album, after you got the Demon Hunter brothers for Snow Capped Romance?

BL: Nah haven't thought that far.. It's the last thing. But they're called Asterisk Studio, the company that they have and they're pretty damn awesome. We've used them for years now so we'll probably stay with them they're good friends of ours.

R13:You guested on Demon Hunter's latest album, are there any more guest appearances planned?

BL: I got like a whole bunch of stuff going on. I think I'm gonna sing on the new Skinlab record. I'm going to be on the Roadrunner's 25th Anniversary 'All Stars' project that's coming out. I don't know if you've heard about this but it's like all kind of artists, like this song that I'm singing on is like...Me, Rob Flynn, Joey from Slipknot's playing drums, I don't know the two other guys. Rob Flynn almost sang on Snow Capped Romance but we couldn't get it worked out in time. So I'm really excited about that, they called me two nights ago and asked me to be part of it when we were in Newcastle. I had heard about this thing coming out for a while and was really flattered I got asked about it that was really cool.
Skinlab just got back together so it's kinda cool that those are my old time friends. He sang on my record and I never got to sing on any of theirs.

R13:Guests on the new album?

BL: I can't really say if I do or I don't. But there is one person that I'm talking to who is like super super crazy, so crazy. But most people won't even know him so it's not like I can just throw his name out but he's in a band from the 90's. But it's really special to me.

R13:Have you seen the Metallica documentary and what did you think seeing as Metallica have been such a big influence on you?

BL:It made me like Lars a lot better. Because before I didn't like Lars, the one guy in the band I never could stand. I would see him on the news talking about Napster and I was like 'Man, this guy sucks', then I watched it and damn, I had the wrong idea about this guy he's really driven. He really wanted to be there working all the time and he had to put up with a lot of shit. James is weird. James is like 'don't listen to the music after I leave.' Like what the fuck? That was retarded. I mean I still love James but I like Lars now. The record sucks.

R13:Have you thought about releasing a live album?

BL:No plans for that but we have a ton of footage that we really want to put out on a DVD eventually. We're documenting this entire trip. Who knows if we'll be able to get Roadrunner to help us out with it but we definitely want to do that for all our fans, for ourselves, for everybody. We've been a band for eleven years now so we'd like to have some kind of documentation of the whole. We have stuff from the beginning and we'd like to have the whole thing on. So it should be cool for everybody involved.

R13:In an interview back in '98 you said you'd never sing about fish! Have you held true to that?

BL: I never sang about fish but uh I definitely sang about Kenai, that's the city where I fished with my father. So I came close to singing about fish, that song is a lot about those summers and fishing but um I can't really talk about fish, I couldn't find a cool way to do it.