With mere days to go we take a look at the Heavy Scotland line-up and give you our top three picks on each of the two days. There are still a limited amount of tickets still available. Head over to http://www.heavyscotland.com/tickets/ for more information and purchases!

Without any further ado then...




Where better to start than with one of the greatest Death Metal bands of all time? Nergal is currently touring all over Europe at the moment with his new side project Me And That Man but there's no doubt that this dynamic and intense performer will be more than ready to put his extreme hat back on for Heavy Scotland with their UK exclusive headline show. Behemoth are currently in the studio recording the follow up to their stunningly brilliant album The Satanist released in 2013 so here's hoping they'll be ready to showcase some new material.

Fleshgod Apocalypse


Hailing from Italy, this wildly popular Death Metal unit are currently touring off the back of their latest release King which came out last year via Nuclear Blast records. Whilst the newer material has been met with a relatively mixed response, as a live band they tend to garner exclusively positive reviews. Even with Behemoth being the day's headliner, Fleshgod Apocalypse are one of those bands who seriously have the potential of stealing the show.



If anyone says to you that the Thrash scene is dead as far as newer bands are concerned, grab the nearest Havok record and launch it in their face. This is a band who are unapologetic when injecting an incredible level of fury and chaos into their sound, truly living and breathing in the Thrash ethos. Their latest record Conformicide was very well received with their set-list expected to lean mainly towards tracks from it so make sure you've got it down in your playlist for the trip to Edinburgh!


Arch Enemy


Arch Enemy are a band who have been experiencing a bit of a resurgence recently with the recruitment of Alissa White-Gluz proving positive as she continually brings a new level of energy to each performance. The Swedish melodic Death Metal crew hinted there will be a new record on the way in 2017 so it is safe to assume they may well choose their very special headline slot at Heavy Scotland to treat fans to one or two newbies.



Certainly one of the more unique acts on the bill for Heavy Scotland this year, Finntroll's mix of Folk Metal and Black Metal has made for some impressive live performances over the years. It has been quite a while since the band released a new record so it is unclear whether they'll be bringing along any new material but either way this is definitely a show you'll want to check out, even if you have only a passing interest.

Blaze Bayley


Blazy Bayley adds a bit of old school 'royalty' to the line-up this year. Fronting Iron Maiden in the years between the two Bruce Dickinson stints alongside his work with both Wolfsbane and as a solo artist makes this one of the absolute must-see shows of the weekend. Expect a high octane performance featuring tracks from throughout his career.


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