WELCOME to the first of four huge preview features we've got lined up for you in the run up to this year's massive Download Festival. We're building on a lot of what we provided last year, but we've also listened to you as well with the view of setting you up with all the material you need before those first few bands take to the stage come Friday 9th June. Perhaps the most popular element of our preview coverage for last year's event was the mega playlist we generated, including all bands on the line-up. With that said we'd be complete idiots not to do the same for 2017! You can access the playlist, created in Spotify, below - a playlist which includes EVERY BAND/ARTIST on the line-up (we've even stuck in a few WWE themes to get you pumped up for the NXT Arena). Stick this on shuffle, get yourself pumped up, discover something new and start warming up those neck muscles.

Whilst we've got your attention, please please please head across to the following link which Download Festival have put together providing guidance on voting in the General Election (8th June) if you're heading for the festival this year - http://downloadfestival.co.uk/news/vote-general-election.

Ticket packages for Download Festival are on sale NOW. Head over to http://downloadfestival.co.uk/tickets for more information and purchases.

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