Now we know that with big festivals like Download it isn't alllll about the headliners, but we really felt that 2017 offered up an interesting mix of bands topping the bill and felt like it'd be the perfect opportunity to give you the chance to give your views as part of our Download Festival preview coverage once again. Last year you gave us some of your highlights since the inception of Download Festival over ten years ago and this year we've gone back to some of you again (thanks so much for your responses!) to boost this second of four preview features. We hope you've been enjoying the first part of our coverage which houses THE playlist you need to get you pumped up for the Donington shenanigans come June, here's a link in case you missed it -

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Without any further ado then:

System Of A Down - Friday


Previous Download Appearances: 2005, 2011

Considering the fact that we are talking about a band as huge and important as System Of A Down it seems crazy that they've only graced the hallowed turf at Donington on two other occasions. After a long hiatus began following the Mezmerize/Hypnotize album cycle (and their first DL headline show in 2005) they were consistently in the top five most sought after headliners lists over the years - a wish that finally came to fruition six years later in 2011. This particular show certainly divided the majority of Download Festival punters. Rumour has it Serj Tankian's performance was affected by the loss of his dog that day but in all honesty this was a band in the early stages of re-finding their feet after a long time away.

With all that said, 2017 is being touted as their opportunity to return to Download and remove any level of doubt about their ability to still bring it live - a bit of a 'making amends' mission. In more recent times their performances at both Reading Festival and a sold out Wembley Arena were outstanding and we're sure that with the anticipation building towards new System Of A Down material this has the potential of being one of the best sets of the entire festival season.

Reader's Views: "This will be the first time I'm ever going to see System Of A Down live and I'm so excited. I had a ticket for the Wembley Arena show but ended up not being able to make it so I'm going to give it more than 110% at Download." - Andrew, Birmingham.

"I've seen System Of A Down live more times than I can count, from their first UK shows at the end of nineties all the way through to now and I can honestly say I've vastly enjoyed the majority of them. Yeah I was one of those worried after Download in 2011 wasn't as good as it promised to be but based on recent shows I've been looking forward to this more than anything since it was announced. SUGAR!" - Scott, London.

"I'd always been a casual fan but after Reading a few years ago I've become a bit of a System Of A Down obsessive. This will be my second Download Festival so can't wait!!!!" - Kate, Nottingham.

Top five LIVE System Of A Down tracks: Toxicity, I-E-A-I-A-I-O, Sugar, B.Y.O.B., Bounce

Biffy Clyro - Saturday


Previous Download Appearances: 2004, 2005, 2012

Considered to be the more 'controversial' option out of the three headliners this year, Biffy Clyro are set for their first ever headlining slot at Donington. Despite the minor backlash displayed across social media when they were first announced, we're firmly in the camp that there is absolutely nothing to suggest this is a bizarre booking at all. Biffy Clyro have paid their dues at Donington and have continually grown to become one of the biggest bands this country has to offer. Yes, you'll get your "but Metulz" people calling foul on the whole thing, but their ability to both dip in and out of the frontlines of the mainstream is testament to their quality as a band. If you think they're not heavy enough to be headlining Download Festival then you obviously haven't been looking hard enough. In a similar vein to Muse a few years ago, these guys are no mugs, they know their audience so expect a Biffy Clyro at their heaviest and most raw.

As we've already noted, Biffy Clyro are certainly a band who have paid their dues as far as playing at Download Festival is concerned, starting out on the smaller stages and truly working their way through the ranks. They're not a new headline band as far as festivals in the UK are concerned, but it is a nice, fresh addition for Download who aside from Glastonbury (which WILL be next we have no doubt) haven't yet taken the plunge on utilising them in that slot. If all three headliners arrive at Download and bring their 'A-Game', Biffy Clyro are that good live it could well prove to be the set of the weekend.

"I'm actually going to Download Festival because of Biffy Clyro! Unfortunately I cannot make the whole weekend but as soon as Biffy were announced I absolutely knew I'd be attending for a day ticket no matter what. Their other headline sets at festivals in recent years have been amazing so this will definitely be the same. MON THE BIFF!!!" - Jaime, Nottingham

"I'll admit I was one of those a little sceptical when Biffy Clyro were first announced. I've warmed to the idea now though and very welcome to be proven completely and utterly wrong." - Patrick, London.

"For me they're the most exciting headliner out of the three of them. I wasn't impressed with System Of A Down last time round (although I know it was an off day!) and Aerosmith are there for the nostalgia, but Biffy Clyro are definitely more than capable of pulling a Muse and being band of the weekend for so many. MON THE BIFF. - Laura, Cardiff

Top five LIVE Biffy Clyro tracks: Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies, There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake, Saturday Superhouse, That Golden Rule, Wolves Of Winter

Aerosmith - Sunday


Previous Download Appearances: 2010, 2014

We come then to the third and final headliners for Download Festival in 2017, and not only is this going to be the last time Aerosmith grace Donington with their presence it could well be the last opportunity to see them in the UK altogether. The band have confirmed that they are embarking on their final run with this tour and whilst there hasn't been any Motley Crue-style contracts put in place, the feeling is that this definitely is going to be the band's swansong. With them making those intentions clear it would have been absolutely barmy for Andy Copping to pass up booking Aerosmith to headline the event, even if the last time they did it wasn't necessarily that long ago.

This a band who are as huge as they are influential and with the passing of so many legends across the music world in recent years we should certainly count our blessings that bands like Aerosmith are still around to showcase exactly what they're made of. Fine they're coming to the end of their run as a touring band but this doesn't mean they won't be coming out swinging with as much swagger and pure Rock N' Roll as ever.

Reader's Views: "I'll be honest, when it was first announced I wasn't blown away, purely because I was there last time they played and it's still very fresh in the memory, but when rumours became truth as far as this being their last run I knew this was going to be a very emotional night at Download." Tim, London

"I've been going to see Aerosmith live since the early 1980s. To put it simply, you cannot fuck with this band when they're in the right mood live. Maybe the last time? No that's just something in my eye. Geoff, London

"I'm actually a very new fan so sad in a way that my first time seeing Aerosmith live will probably also be my last. I'll be running down to the front as soon as those gates open on Sunday!!! Gemma, Manchester

Top five LIVE Aerosmith tracks: Dream On, Love In An Elevator, Mama Kin, Walk This Way, Toys In The Attic

So there we have it then, Download Festival 2017 are being headed up by three seriously exciting live acts this year and we can't wait to see what surprises they bring with them to Donington this June.

We're halfway through our four part preview coverage of Download Festival this year then, with the next two parts you can expect a full breakdown of each of the four stages with our main picks to check out across all three days.

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