We're getting closer and closer to Download Festival 2017 and following on from the first two parts of our preview coverage we're now getting down to the nitty gritty and moving towards giving you our top picks from across the line-up. In this part we will be looking at both The Avalanche Stage (Third Stage) and The Dogtooth Stage (Fourth Stage) whilst our fourth and final part will cover the main two. The third and fourth stage at Download this year are brimming with both big names and hugely exciting up and coming acts so it made our top choices hard to pinpoint, without any further ado though:


Code Orange - The Avalanche Stage

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When you look across the whole of the Download Festival line-up this year you'd be hard pressed to find a band more exciting than Code Orange are at this very moment. Releasing Forever earlier this year, Code Orange have not only elevated themselves but are helping spearhead an incredibly rousing period in heavy music at the moment. Their reputation live has always been strong but it was their recent stint as main support on Gojira's European tour which really raised their profile that bit further. When you're threatening to upstage arguably the best live band in Metal at the moment you know you're on to something good. We could well be on our way for one of those special 'Download Moments' which gets recounted for years to come.

Astroid Boys - The Avalanche Stage

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Offering something truly 'different' on the Download Festival bill this year, Astroid Boys are an exciting young group from Cardiff who intertwine slabs of Hardcore with a Punk attitude in to a sound dominated by Grime. We wouldn't be too far away from the truth in saying that Grime in the UK is one of the most exciting movements in music at the moment so it's awesome that groups like Astroid Boys are experimenting to the point where they've got strong cross appeal. Considering their early time slot on the Friday this lot are more than worth checking out.

Venom Prison - The Dogtooth Stage

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Another band who are seriously making waves in heavy music at the moment, Venom Prison are on a similar trajectory to the likes of Code Orange at the moment. On record they are excellent but it's their reputation live which is seriously boosting their profile at the moment - you need only look at some recent reviews of their shows to see that they're widely being considered as a vicious force in heavy music at the moment. Get down to the fourth stage and embrace riffs heavier and more raw than a T-Rex rampage in Jurassic Park.

God Damn - The Dogtooth Stage

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God Damn have always been favourites of ours here at Room Thirteen, particularly when it comes to their live shows. Following the release of their excellent third studio album Everything Ever last year the band have added a third member in to their ranks which has helped elevate their live performances that one notch further. Their approach is raw yet energetic and at all times remain engaging. Expect a set filled with tracks from the latest record as well as some of the old favourites amongst their loyal following.


Every Time I Die - The Avalanche Stage

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It feels almost remarkable to say this but Every Time I Die are nearing their 20th anniversary as a band, but with a history as strong as theirs and no less than eight studio records to choose from when creating a set-list, there's no doubt they're going to deliver one of the better sets at the festival this year. Their following is loyal and strong so expect the tent to be seriously packed out as they enter the stage.

The One Hundred - The Avalanche Stage

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Considering the fact that The One Hundred have only got one EP behind them and are working towards the release of their debut record it truly is testament to their talent as a band that they're in a decent slot on the third stage at Download Festival this year. They're a real exciting prospect in heavy music at the moment and we fully expect them to propel even further when that album drops next month.

Wednesday 13 - The Dogtooth Stage

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Headlining the fourth stage this year, Wednesday 13 is heading towards the release of his seventh solo studio album in the coming days and it is safe to expect that his strong legion of fans will turn out in numbers for his slot at Download. With a career now spanning 25 years expect Wednesday to use the occasion to pull out the odd rare gem as well.

The Lounge Kittens - The Dogtooth Stage

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Say what you will about comic bands covering tracks, where most fade in to obscurity after a short run The Lounge Kittens continue to entertain and build on their Download Festival history. If you fancy a bit of light relief early on Saturday and need something to help soothe the hangover it may be worth heading over to check out this lot out.


The Dillinger Escape Plan - The Avalanche Stage

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Considering the fact that Dillinger have announced that this touring cycle is very much their final run, when they finished up their UK schedule in London at the start of this year many would've felt that this would have been the last chance to catch them on these shores. Enter Download Festival to save the day. Needless to say they're bowing out whilst still being one of the most intense bands on the planet. Their live performance is frankly unmatched and they'll serve as the perfect closing band on Sunday for many.

Grove Street Families - The Avalanche Stage

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Grand Theft Auto themed Hardcore music? It really is as good as it sounds. Channelling some serious Suicidal Tendencies vibes, Grove Street Families pack more groove than Austin Powers on acid and are capable of delivering a powerful blow live. The tent will be seriously bouncing for this lot.

Perturbator - The Dogtooth Stage

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Despite being four albums and several EPs deep, Pertubator have seriously gone under the radar here in the UK. Hailing from Paris, France this is actually a solo project led by James Kent who delivers this incredibly powerful dark synth infused sound which will prove hugely intense live. Kent is up against some strong acts on Sunday night but even through sheer curiosity he'll definitely attract a decent sized crowd.

Fizzy Blood

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We've already given a shoutout to Fizzy Blood this week via the Camden Rocks Festival preview, but if you're not going to be anywhere near that event then make sure you pop your head in the tent for them at Download. Despite offering something completely different to While She Sleeps, this band have recently grown their following as a result of being the opening band throughout the huge WSS album release tour last month.

Keep your eyes peeled for the fourth and final part of our Download Festival coverage in the next few days. Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to tell us who you're most looking forward to this year!