We reach the fourth and final part of our huge Download Festival coverage this year. It's been fun and we cannot wait to see you all out there at Donington. We've already covered all three headliners and given our top picks from both the Avalanche Stage and Dogtooth Stage so that leaves us with just one thing left to do - shout out THE bands to check out across the top two stages over the weekend. Before we kick in to that head over to our first three parts including that MEGA playlist which includes every single band on the line-up - there will be no better companion for your trip down!

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Cracking on with our top picks from both the Main and Second stage then!

Mastodon - Main Stage - Friday (4:10pm-5:00pm)

There are very few bands who are able to maintain a level of consistency so high it feels almost unfathomable. Mastodon released Emperor Of Sand earlier this year, and where the majority of big Metal bands end up facing a growing list of critics when they're around fifteen years deep with cries of "wah wah waaahh the old stuff is better", Mastodon may have just released the finest moment of their career. With a back catalogue as powerful as theirs, they will pack their fifty minute slot with bangers galore.

Prophets Of Rage - Main Stage - Friday (7:00pm - 8:10pm)

Prophets Of Rage have faced their fair share of criticism since their inception nearly blew up parts of the internet with the main concern being that whilst all parts involved are legendary in their own right, the combination of RATM, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill may not be as good as it sounds. Well, if the new track and recent footage of live shows are anything to go by they're ready to firmly raise their middle fingers in the air towards any sceptics. You cannot honestly sit there and say to us that come Friday evening, when the first night excitement of Download Festival is flowing harder than the beer that there will not be chaotic scenes when they throw down in to the likes of Bulls On Parade, Know Your Enemy and Bullet In The Head. It is going to go OFF.

A Day To Remember - Main Stage - Saturday (6:40pm - 7:50pm)

The last time A Day To Remember played Download Festival they absolutely conquered. This year they're in a spot which could help define the kind of band they're potentially going to be at festivals this size in the future. Headliners? Difficult to say right now, but if they bring all the bells and whistles come Saturday night we could definitely be looking at a future 'co-headliner' to say the least.

Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots - Second Stage - Saturday (5:00pm - 5:50pm

Considering that Roots by Sepultura is one of the most important Metal records of all time, the fact that there's an opportunity to catch the Cavalera spine of that group pummel their way through these tracks live feels like a no brainer on the day doesn't it? Any Soulfly or Cavalera Conspiracy show will have Roots Bloody Roots or possibly Propaganda involved in the set-list but this one will be packed with rare gems, many of which most people will have never seen live before. Max is Max and can therefore be a bit hit and miss, but with Iggor slaying it as ever on the kit behind him, we've no doubt this will be an absolute joy.

Slayer - Second Stage - Sunday (7:35pm - 8:45pm)

Slayer headlining the second stage on Sunday night. What else needs to be said? SLAAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEEEEERRRR

Clutch - Second Stage - Sunday (5:10pm - 5:50pm)

The last time Clutch played Download Festival they pulled an absolutely huge crowd, with many touting it as one of the performances of the weekend in the immediate aftermath. This time round they're on the second stage and it's safe to say that with a back catalogue as good as theirs they're always going to have the ability to steal the show. The members of Clutch rotate choosing the set-list for each gig, a system which sometimes allows a rare one to rear it's head.

Sikth - Main Stage - Saturday (1:15pm - 1:55pm)

Huge shout-out to the Download Festival booking team this year who are really giving a host of bands their first chance on the main stage - for Sikth it truly feels like years in the making. When Download Festival triggered the comeback of Sikth in 2014 they've continued to sustain their reputation as one of the godfathers of Tech-Metal. The new record The Future In Whose Eyes? is definitely up there amongst some of the better albums this year and we look forward to seeing them receive the hero's welcome they fully deserve.

Ticket packages for Download Festival are still on sale, there's nothing like a last minute decision! For more information and purchases head over to https://downloadfestival.co.uk/tickets