When Desertfest rolls in to Camden each year it brings together a community of people unlike most others across music. The mutual love of Doom, Sludge and all things heavy has allowed for the Desertscene institution to continually expand beyond the yearly main attraction to a full scale 24/7, 365 days a week operation. Everyone involved has done a brilliant job to get the Desertscene name to where it is at the moment and deserve full credit for truly spearheading the growth with Camden Town serving usually as their core. Tonight the fun and frivolity brought us to London Bridge however as The Underdog Gallery was taken over for the launch of Desertscene London's brand new venture - Desertscene Apparel. If you've ever been to any Desertscene show over the years, you will have been more than aware of the excellent range of merch items that have been on offer (and how popular these items are) so the smart move was of course to act on that. The Apparel range will see some truly top artists joining forces with key Desertscene stalwarts with a big focus on limited edition items dropping across the year. Tonight's event gave an insight in to the first three designs from artists Schoph Schofield, El Bernardes and longtime collaborators with Desertscene Branca Studios. There's only so much we can do with words to describe their incredible talent so we absolutely implore you check each of them out as soon as you're done with reading this - there's every chance you're going to recognise a tour poster or two!

Now then, with every big event there of course needs to be a special guest. For tonight Nick Oliveri was invited to perform his unique acoustic set which sees him blending together Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss classics, solo material and the odd cover thrown in too. When you hear 'acoustic set' you expect a chilled out kind of vibe but Oliveri isn't interested in bringing anything but his characteristic over-exuberance to proceedings, taking on what could perhaps be deemed as the more challenging material without hesitation. He's not the most popular figure considering his controversial past, and even amongst those in attendance there didn't feel to be a full 100% backing for his performance, but the focus for the night was on this exciting new venture anyway.