Written with contribution from Marta Tavares.

With mere days left before Download Festival 2022, we've compiled a list day-by-day of some of our must-see big picks across the weekend starting off with FRIDAY.

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Friday - APEX Stage

KISS - 20.50-22.50

Due to the events of recent years, Kiss' End of The Road World Tour has ended up extending the band's lifespan even further (yeah we know this isn't exactly the first time they've done a final ever tour) and all roads for the UK fans currently lead towards Donington. The band are of course very familiar with the Download setting, last headlining with a genuinely explosive performance in 2015 and before that back in 2008. Out of the three headliners this year, this one will almost certainly be the biggest "show". Expect fireworks, expect theatrics, expect fun.

Top tracks: Love Gun, Detroit Rock City, Deuce

Skindred - 17.10-18.10

As the festival enters an initial stage of recovery, they've rightfully sought the service of some of their most reliable performers over the years - and if we're talking about consistency and reliability in a live arena, Skindred should sit atop most lists. Rain or shine, Skindred's breed of reggae metal is a force to be reckoned with in any festival setting. Party central come 17.10pm on Friday 10th June.

Top tracks: Nobody, Kill The Power, That's My Jam

Friday - OPUS Stage

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - 19.35-20.50

With a nice weighty set-time and hot off their hugely impressive slot at the Download Pilot event last year, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes promise to add a bit of bile and bite in to your Friday evening. The band's latest record Sticky, released in Autumn of 2021 was well received so expect to hear a set-list leaning heavily towards it alongside some of the big crowd favourites of years gone by. Could very well steal the day.

Top Tracks: Sticky, I Hate You, Lullaby

Airbourne - 18.15-19.05

Another band who have always been reliably fun at Download Festival in the past, Airbourne are likely to draw a large crowd when they bring their AC/DC worship style to the second stage. A great festival band, perfect for grabbing your favourite beverage, banging your head a bit and wearing a big stupid grin.

Top Tracks: Back In The Game, Breakin' Outta Hell, Runnin' Wild

Friday - AVALANCHE Stage

The Ghost Inside - 20.10-21.10

Since their emotional return in 2019, the trajectory for The Ghost Inside has been immense. Diehards returned in their droves, new fans were picked up and the band have momentum to ride after all the disruption of the last two years. The very well-received 2020 comeback record will likely feature heavily in the set as they've not had too much of a chance to tour it but this headlining slot on the third stage should deliver the old fan favourites as well.

Top Tracks: Avalanche, Aftermath, Still Alive

Sleep Token - 18.50-19.35

If you know nothing at all about Sleep Token; in summary they a masked up, anonymous group who fly between an array of genres from post-metal and alternative all the way through to electronic elements. That summary in itself is pretty rubbish. Why? Because it's really hard to describe what this lot are all about. From one song to another you will fly through genres quicker than a Spotify shuffle. Their stock is almost continually rising and following a recent stint supporting Architects on an arena tour it surely won't be long until they're headlining the very stage they are due to play come Friday evening. An absolute must-see.

Alkaline, Higher, The Offering

Friday - DOGTOOTH Stage

Electric Wizard - 21.45-22.30

On the eve of their 30th anniversary as a band, the legendary Doom Metal unit that are Electric Wizard will shatter the foundations of the Dogtooth Stage come Sunday night, offering up a sludgier, darker, alternative to the bombast which'll be taking place over on the Main Stage. Their short set time will be interesting considering some of their track lengths but this an experienced powerhouse and we have no doubt this'll sound great.

Top Tracks: Funeralopolis, Incense for the Damned, Satanic Rites of Drugula

Red Fang - 20.00-20.25

Whilst their set time is appallingly short considering their position on the line up, Red Fang are another brilliantly consistent live band who will likely pack out the tent come Friday evening. There are tracks across all of their records which can be considered crowd favourites so we cannot wait to see what they smash through for their Download set. They've not had much of a chance to tour their 2021 record Arrows so it'll be interesting to hear some of this material live too.

Top Tracks: Prehistoric Dog, Throw Up, DOEN

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