For the second part of our preview coverage we're going to take a deeper dive across the various headliners across all four stages. The variation is vast, the quality is high - let's take a look...


Apex Stage - Queens Of The Stone Age

Given they're arguably the best active Rock band on the planet right now it feels almost unbelievable saying that it's been 11 years since QOTSA last took to the stage at Download. In that time period the band have stepped up at festivals across Europe, moving from what seemed to be a perennial sub-headliner role. The next headlining set they're gearing up to conquer will of course be at Download and it comes at a fantastic time for punters as they're on a lightning run of form at the moment. The band's most recent release In Times New Roman... was well received by fans and media alike and we're certain their set list will have a few new ones peppered in amongst the classics. Given the kind of form QOTSA are on right now as a live band, they'll be setting the bar very, very, high on the opening night of this year's event.

Opus Stage - Bad Omens

As you will have heard, Bad Omens have announced they will be taking a step back from touring with vocalist Noah Sebastian recently confirming, "In the best interest of my health and wellbeing, and of the long term sustainability of Bad Omens. We need to protect and restore all of the energy that will be demanded of us again as soon as we transition into the next chapter."

It goes without saying that whilst we'll miss having them at Download this year, we send nothing but good wishes to Noah and the band.

Avalanche Stage - Busted

There was a long period of time in the history of Download Festival whereby the mere suggestion of Busted being on the line-up would've been met with a mix of laughter and horror. As we reach 2024's edition, nostalgia is king and that generation of Busted fans who may well consider them as being the gateway in to the Punk and Pop Punk world are fervent in their support. With the set up of the Avalanche Stage a perfect pocket has formed for Busted's debut at Donington. If you're keen on seeing Busted this year, our advice is get there early. That tent will be packed. Will this be the first act in Download's history to have played Capital's Jingle Bell Ball in the year prior? Almost definitely.

Dogtooth Stage - Biohazard

From Busted to Biohazard - we told you the variation at Download this year is vast! Biohazard are Hardcore in it's purest form. Reuniting once again back in 2022, Biohazard have been absolutely pummelling audiences left and right on what appears at times to be a campaign to show that they're still here and they're still up for the fight. The setlist will be packed with crowd favourites, people will be absolutely spilling out of the tent and it's likely to be one of the best sets on that particular stage all weekend.


Apex Stage - Fall Out Boy

Another band on a lightning streak run of form right now are Saturday's main stage headliners. Following the very well received So Much (for) Stardust in 2022, the band's touring escapades has seen them headline festivals and events globally as well as very successful arena runs including shows at The O2. We anticipate this will be one of the louder singalongs of the weekend.

Opus Stage - Pantera

There's absolutely no denying the fact that Pantera's inclusion on any line-up is controversial. The well documented actions of Phil Anselmo have largely seen his presence wiped from line-ups in recent years (and for good reason). Alongside this, Pantera as a touring band despite the Abbott brothers no longer being with us hasn't been something accepted by all corners of even their own fandom. There's also absolutely no denying the fact that this second stage headline spot is likely to attract one of the biggest crowds you'll see all weekend. If you can close your eyes and separate yourself from the controversies, have a great time. At the same time, if cannot bear watching for the reasons listed and more, there's more stages for you.

Avalanche Stage - Billy Talent

We've often cited over the years that Billy Talent are one of those perfect festival bands who never fail to deliver... and we're saying the same to you again here. The set will be hit-heavy but we're sure they'll also throw in the odd new one from 2022's Crisis Of Faith. If the timings work out and you're up for a sing-along, going from this to Fall Out Boy will leave a fair few hoarse come Sunday morning.

Dogtooth Stage Fear Factory

Riding the wave of energy created by bringing fresh members to a band, Fear Factory appear a rejuvenated unit in 2024. With Dino still leading the machine, Fear Factory's unique and pummeling breed of Industrial Metal has always been popular at Download Festival over the years. Looking at the top end of the line up on the other stages across Saturday, it's likely going to be as busy as it gets in the Dogtooth tent.

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