A Change Of Pace appear at the Download Festival next month. John Kelly (drummer and one of the founding members of the band) gives R13 a taster of what to expect from these Arizona boys.

R13:Please would you introduce yourselves and tell us a little about A Change Of Pace?
JK:We are a four piece band just out of high school from a town called Peoria in Arizona. We have been playing together for two years. The singer and the drummer have been playing together for five years.

R13:How did your record deal with Immortal records come about?
JK:About a year and a half ago we were 'found' by a talent manager based in Los Angeles, CA. He shopped us around to various labels and Immortal was the only label that wanted anything to do with us.

R13:'An Offer You Can't Refuse' (their latest release), have you had good reviews so far?JK:No. In fact, they have been unusually brutal... We have even been blamed for terrorism in America. But what else can you expect from critics?

R13:Has it been frustrating the fact that the finished album has been on hold for about a year to wait for worldwide release?
JK:Yeah, it was really hard touring for six months without a CD to show anyone. We knew that it was necessary for us to wait off on releasing the album. I think in the long run it really paid off.

R13:Which is your favourite track and why?
JK:I would say 'Home Where the Heart Is'. Mainly because that song took the longest to write. We really put a lot of time into that song and it really displays how all of us were feeling at the time... We were really young when all of this started happening and had to start leaving town. It's about missing friends and family but at the same time being glad that we got out of that town.

R13:What's the Peoria, Arizona music scene like? Who do you rate that are up and coming?
JK:The music scene in Peoria, AZ has really come a long way in the last year. There are so many amazing acts coming from AZ. Greeley Estates, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, The Format, and Its Like Love. AZ is really causing a scene in the industry.

R13:Your live shows are reportedly pretty wild, what are the worst injuries that have been sustained?
JK:Miraculously nothing severe has happened to us on stage yet. Our shows are usually really out of control and we are usually throwing shit around and breaking shit, but the worst that has happened was a gnarly black eye...knock on wood...three times......

R13:How long did it take to perfect the 360 guitar spin?
JK:Three black eyes and two holes in the wall.

R13:Torry's (vocals) been plagued by throat problems, when did they start and what has he done to try and fix them (I heard surgery was involved?JK:Torry had some problems with staying healthy on the road. He was circumcised and had his tonsils removed this month so he should be good to go...

R13:Dates were cancelled due to above problem, has the band been doing positive things while out of action?
JK:If you call strip clubs and illegal underground gambling positive... then yes we have been.

R13(apparently):Why is your Drummer so good looking???
JK:He was born that way... It just comes naturally to him.

R13:Who is David Marsh and why does he receive such bad press on your website?!!!
JK:David marsh is a walking God in his time... Everyone should know him... Everyone should love him... Everyone should want to be him... Check him out at www.myspace.com/iamdavidmarsh

R13:The straight edge scene seems pretty big over your way, is it something you believe/are involved in? What's your opinion towards it?
JK:We as a band drink too much to be straight edge, our merch guy is though. I think that it's a way of life that some people choose to take. More power to them. I don't believe in it but I don't knock anyone who does.

R13:Where has been your most memorable show and why?
JK:Probably our third show in Amarillo, Texas. We have watched it grow from the first time we played there when there was only twenty kids there. Now we play in front of five hundred kids when we go there. It was amazing watching it grow.

R13:What can Download festival goers expect to experience when watching A Change Of Pace?
JK:All of our amps go to 11 so we usually melt kids faces off with our high voltage rock n roll... Expect a crazy show with lots of running around and breaking shit and flips and rolls and fire and explosions, etc...

R13 (again I don't think this was in the original mail...?):Why is Johnny Abdullah So Gay??????
JK:You know... I have been asking the same question for three years...

R13:What's your favourite pudding?
JK:Any pudding smeared on Torry's body.

R13:If there's a fight in the band who is it usually between? and what's it usually about?
JK:Between all of us and it's usually about who is the X BOX NCAA (American Football) Champion of the world.

R13:What are the future plans for A Change Of Pace?
JK:To take over the world...and then if we have time...the entire Universe.....MMWWWWUUUAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA

Catch A Change Of Pace at the Download Festival on the Napster Stage.