From a windy service station somewhere "Up North", a barefooted Simon Griffiths, Lead vocalist for Days of Worth speaks to Room Thirteen.

Room Thirteen: Coming from a factory town in Surrey many people may think you have little inspiration to draw from.
Simon Griffiths: You will have to change the whole factory town thing! That was just a joke; there are no factory towns in Surrey! We do come from surrey but that's irrelevant we're just a rock band. Regardless of where we come from we are proud of the British rock heritage.

R13: Does your music have any hidden meaning about your beliefs as individuals?
SG: Absolutely I don't see how it couldn't. We love music and our beliefs come out with in the lyrics we sing.

R13: How do you think your music defines you from those run of the mill bands who all churn out the same sort of material?
SG: I can't think of a band that we sound like and I've never heard us compared to anyone either. It's not something we planned its just the way it seemed to have turned out.

R13: You are half way through your own headline tour and you seem to be playing everywhere! How do these headline shows compare to that of your Download experience?
SG: It's completely different as touring is very hard work. We have absolutely no money and we're touring all over the UK. It's a great experience and very rewarding just extremely hard work.

R13: What was it like to play on the Snickers Bowl stage? Many artists have found it pretty strange.
SG: To be honest we've played some pretty strange gigs so when you see a stage like that you just say "Let's get on with it". Whether it's a little old mans pub up north or the Download stage we will still play it like it a stadium gig and give it all we've got.

R13: Do you think you learnt anything from the Download experience?
SG: Not really... It's just another gig isn't it!

R13: Did you get any free chocolate?
SG: We went through the whole festival and got absolutely everything that was free! We got as much free beer, food and chocolate as you could possible eat in one weekend. There was even a drive by grab of Chinese!

R13: So back to your current tour, you played at Sheffield Corporation last night how did that go?
SG: Yeah it was a really good gig. The Northern crowds are great and we seem to have a really good following up here.

R13: You're in Leeds tonight... Any expectations of how what it will be like?
SG: I think expectations are dangerous when you're playing venues like the ones we are on this tour. As I said before we try to have a good time no matter where we are. There have been some fantastic gigs on this tour and some that have really sucked but you have to take the rough with the smooth.

R13: Do you actually enjoy being on tour?
SG: Yeah I never want to come off! We have waited so long for this and we have all discovered a lot about ourselves

R13: You're latest single 'State of Me' was released Monday. What's been the reaction so far?
SG: It's kind of frustrating for us as we sort of feel like we're being ignored and can't get past a certain level of press. People like yourselves, Kerrang! and Metal Hammer have given us so much support. Metal Hammer even called us the future of British rock. I don't know who was sleeping with whom to get that one but there now seems to be this wall that we're up against. I think because we're not doing the fashion core bullshit music that everyone is doing now, high level press people like Radio One are all ignoring us. We don't expect the world but it's just so frustrating that these old fashion dinosaurs, that are on easy money and who hardly do any work are stopping us from progressing any further. If people like Radio One ignore you, you haven't got a chance. None of the people in control of these stations actually listen to any new music and they are just lazy. Rock and Roll is not about conformity and it seems now that in order to get your music played you have to conform to certain rules.

R13: Do you have high hopes that it will do well?
SG: Yes I do as I have a very strong belief in what we do.

R13: Your debut album "The Western Experience" has received some great reviews. Do you have plans for a second album?
SG: Yeah we have five or six new songs that we have been playing every so often to test out and they have been going down really well. We're not writing at the moment as we find it really difficult to write on tour but as soon as we come off tour we will continue to write and hopefully record a second album as soon as possible.

R13: The band is quoted as saying "Life's about living, about looking back and being able to say you've actually done something with it". What do you hope to achieve in the future so that when you look back you will feel content enough to say you lived your life?
SG: I think we have already achieved a lot and if it all went tits up tomorrow we could say we spent several years doing what we wanted to do.

R13: And finally if you weren't playing in Days of Worth what would you be doing?
SG: I can't really imagine doing anything else apart from writing music!

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