R13: You're playing a whole host of festivals this summer, do you enjoy the festival vibe?
Aaron: I think it's possibly my favourite actually, it's certainly easier for us we just rock up and get drunk and go on stage and go on stage and have a party. We don't really have to do much more than that, obviously we still have to be coherent but it's fantastic.

R13: What's your personal favourite festival?
Aaron: I think T In The Park to be honest; everyone just looses themselves totally.

R13: Do you usually go to festivals as a punter as well then?
Aaron: I have done before but I've not had a chance over the last few years. The last time I went was Reading a few years ago and it was mental, absolutely mental. I went and ended up sleeping under the sky because I didn't have a tent, so that was pretty sweet.

R13: Have you caught many other bands at festivals this summer?
Aaron: Yeah I've seen loads…Kings of Leon twice, Aphex Twin, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Frightened Rabbit who are totally fantastic. I just wander around the site and let the melody draw me in.

R13: You're playing some quite commercial festivals like Wireless and V, do you notice a difference in the line up for those and more independent festivals?
Aaron: Yes, I don't know how well groups like Jay-Z would go down at something like V; there's a conscious decision to make it more accessible for everybody. That doesn’t mean to say that everyone's not going to get off their face and loose themselves for the whole time they're there, so the atmosphere's still pretty special.

R13: Do you like the idea of having a mix of bands then, like Jay-Z at Glastonbury?
Aaron: Yeah, generally people are pretty liberal and want to hear a variety of everything and it's fantastic that Jay-Z can be on the bill with other bands like Kings of Leon. I think it's brilliant.

R13: Why should casual fans come and check out your performances at festivals this summer then?
Aaron: We're the greatest live band on Earth!
R13: Why's that?
Aaron: We have better songs, we have a party, we are our own entity and we have a party every time we do it. You won't ever hear a band like us.

R13: Greg mentioned on stage at Wireless that he gets very nervous, is that true for you as well?
Aaron: Greg does, he's pretty much sick before he goes on stage. We're not quite as bad as Greg. I'm alright with it; I get nervous in a good way, in an excitable way, but then I get excited about everything, it's ridiculous! I have the attention span of a 5 year old!

R13: When you get onstage do you look out at the crowd and feel at all phased or try to imagine they're not there?
Aaron: I feed off them! It's the crowd that are singing your songs back to you and chanting and things like that, that makes you feel ten foot tall. I'm getting their reaction and soaking it all up.

R13: 'Everything's The Rush' was recorded in 20 days, was that a positive pressure on you?
Aaron: When we recorded the last album Greg was just a prick and basically we ended up overanalysing everything and this time we didn't want to spend 2 days working on a guitar solo or something like that. We wanted to capture what we were doing as soon as possible and keep a fresh feel.

R13: Do you think it's a better product then; obviously it was a better process for you but is the end result better too?
Aaron: Yeah it still sounds like us and it still sounds big, our songs sound really big. It's different to the last album but it's still us.

R13: Your music has a euphoric pop feel, what's your favourite pop record?
Aaron: 'Time After Time' by Cyndi Lauper - it's not even a guilty pleasure; it's just a great song. It's not a very "up" song though, is it? 'There She Goes' in that case.

R13: What are your favourite summer tunes this year then?
Aaron: I'm still listening to Bon Iver and Jane's Addiction, 'Jane Says', the live version. Nothing else has really smacked me in the face yet; I'm still waiting!

R13: What's next after the festivals?
Aaron: Just after the festival season we're going out to Italy, Germany and Spain and then I think Mexico and Japan, you're got to play these places. But the most important way to be a great band is to have melody that transcends everything.