It’s been a month since the idea to get involved with Oxjam was born. According to the 'Oxjam Toolkit', by now I should have recruited a team, decided on the big idea and have a fundraising plan in place... well, one out of three ain’t bad!

'The big idea' was born very early on; I knew I wanted a rock gig featuring some of my favourite bands that I have met over the years but what wasn’t initially apparent was that what started as a small idea would soon explode into something much bigger and ultimately much more memorable.

After one short meeting with a representative of the Patriots MC UK (who are hosting the gig at their clubhouse), it was decided to hold the gig during the Halloween weekend (Saturday 30th October) and rather than it being a clichéd short gig, to turn into a monster 12-hour event - how could I refuse!

Once the venue and date were confirmed, I set about looking for bands willing to take part in the event. In this respect, Facebook has been a godsend: I have not had to ask a single band to play - such is the respect for the Oxjam initiative and the willingness from these musicians just to be able to perform, it’s been unbelievable and has made this process so much easier.

I’ll leave the grand unveiling of the band names for a later date, but one band has been a R13 'Band of the Month' this year, another headlined a night at Hard Rock Hell’s Road Trip 2010 and another is set to play Hard Rock Hell in December 2010 - watch this space!

As the setlist appears to be taking care of itself, my focus is currently set on fundraising. Although I’ve secured the venue free of charge and the acts are all giving their time for free, there is the small matter of raising money on the day. I decided very early on that I didn’t want to sell tickets for the event; for me, this is the biggest turn-off if you are not familiar with the names on the set-list. Besides, you try telling a big, leather-clad biker that he has to pay to enter his own club! Suggestions have been numerous and ranged from insane to inspirational - pole dancing demonstrations, costume competitions, Halloween cakes, karaoke with the bands... one band even suggested I raise money by doing a song with them (though I’m sure they’d change their mind if they heard me singing..!). These and many other fundraising ideas are currently being considered and hopefully a plan of action will be decided upon very soon! In the meantime, I have set up a Just Giving page where money can be safely and securely donated directly to Oxfam -

The month ahead does look very busy! I hope by the next update to be able to announce the full set-list, have a definite fundraising plan in place and commenced work on a marketing plan; nothing like a bit of pressure! My fingers are firmly crossed hoping that nothing goes wrong between now and then!

Sian’s Oxjam event will take place from 14:00 on 30th October 2010 at The Patriot Inn, Crumlin, South Wales NP11 4PT. If you would like to get involved, please email Sian direct at