Imperial Vengeance is British metal band established in 2007 by vocalist C. Edward Alexander and bassist David Bryan. The line-up was completed in September 2009 when Elle Torry and James Murray joined on guitars and James Last on the drums. Imperial Vengeance can best be described as extreme metal. They are very theatrical and some of the footage of their live shows indicates the same live.

The band is mainly influenced by historical Britain, covering Imperial times and the World Wars with strong militant references. However, their outfits, whilst being historical, are timeless and without reference to a specific country or army. Their début album, 'At the Going Down of the Sun' was released in 2009 through Candlelight Records; and the title track includes a passage recorded by the 110 year old Harry Patch, the last surviving Tommy who fought in the Great War. Harry has sadly passed away since, but the actual footage of the recording is also featured on the '6th Airborne Division' DVD.

The promo copy of the '6th Airborne Division' DVD came with a very handy flyer which helps you identify WWII bombers. We were advised to "Learn These Shapes, It Could Save Your Lives". I will have to keep this handy flyer with me at all times. You just never know.

The DVD includes the official videos for '6th Airborne Division' and 'Night Boat to Cairo' along with behind the scenes and photo galleries for both shoots. It also includes, as mentioned earlier, one of the exclusive footage of 'The Harry Patch Recordings' which I felt is one of the highlights on the DVD.

The '6th Airborne Division' video starts off with some RAF and Spitfire footages setting the scene and the band is basically all dressed in either militant or imperialistic outfits. The footage is shot with a white room background to emphasise the band, with a lot of flashing between images. This may be to present something MTV friendly, or just taking the Mickey out of what the MTV-kids like? The video is also featured on their YouTube page here.

The second song is an awesome cover of Madness’ 'Night Boat to Cairo'. The video which is also on YouTube here is more theatrical and in line with the Imperial era that the band enjoys. It features a few impressions of the original Madness video with Karaoke lyrics and general insanity. It also shows a bit of clever guitar work performed by C. Edward Alexander. The song suits the band to a tee, and the over the top video completes a very good track. Imperial Vengeance interpreted the song perfectly into their style and made it metal.

Both videos have the option to include commentary, which gives the viewer more insight into the band and the songs.

The footage of 'The Harry Patch Recordings' includes a few shots of the drive there, a very short recording of the passage due to Harry being quite frail; and a reference to the band travelling all that way for this. Harry has sadly passed away since the recording.

All and all this is a very professionally recorded and presented DVD and has been very entertaining to a new Imperial Vengeance fan.