We pride ourselves on our diverse musical tastes here at R13 and each month we like to share with you just what has been rocking our collective worlds in July.

Rory Cargill

The National - High Violet
After various recommendations from reliable sources pointing me towards this band I checked them out at Latitude Festival 2010. A truly brilliant performance has broken the barrier of a band who are difficult to get into and I am now bingeing on their entire discography - but this, their latest release, has particularly stood out.

Blink-182 - Self-Titled
After news of their reformation and the announcement that they would be headlining Reading & Leeds festival, talk of Blink-182 has been on everyone's lips (not to mention their nostalgia-inducing lyrics). In the run up to Reading I have been listening to little else and rarely have I looked forward to seeing a band live quite this much.

Jonsi - Go Do
Learning that Jonsi would return to Latitude for a solo set after his breathtaking performance with Sigur Ros in 2008 was an exciting prospect. The performance was mind-blowing and the album has been the closest I can get to reliving it. All the brilliance of Jonsi, but not simply another Sigur Ros album.

James Stant

Orange - Phoenix
The Californian quartet's 2009 album offers some of their best works to date, including 'Each Other' and 'Standing Still'.

Rock Sugar - Reimaginator
Debut album from the Los Angeles mashup rock band, featuring creative arrangements of some of the most iconic rock songs from the past few decades.

Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt by Humans
Wonderful album from the Surrey-born singer-songwriter. Although many may love him for his live cover versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and the Spongebob Squarepants theme, his original compositions are expertly crafted.

Sarah Rayner

Hawksley Workman - Milk/Meat
Unusual double album from shamefully underrated Canadian music genius. 'Meat' was released physically Jan '10, and 'Milk' was released digitally over 5 months. Weezer like rock, dance, pop, quirky indie and excellent lyrics. 'We'll Make Time' is a keeper and 'Baby Mosquito' is endearingly eccentric.

Miike Snow - The Rabbit
...because Miike is uber-cool at the minute. Deep dark electro beats with a commercially viable pop twist - Miike marks the transition of the mainstream music scene from indie-folk to vintage electro.

International People's Gang - Up
You won't see them on MTV - the third IPG album of 'Air' like tracks. Ambient, electro, chill-out beats for those who want something a little bit less than usual.

Jim Ody

The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
No surprises here, being a huge fan I go the band's new album and have been listening to it constantly. I'll be honest, in my opinion it's not as good as the previous two, but is still a good solid album.

Go:Audio - Made Up stories
I loved the singles from this band and finally got my hands on the band's album, even though I understand, they have now split up. I'm not sure what went on with the marketing of this band, but all the singles were advertised everywhere, and then the album took over a year to come out, by which time internal issues saw the band doomed before they started. a great Pop/Punk album though.

The Pixies - Death To The Pixies
I saw the band play live on one of those channels that you stumble upon after aimless flicking for about an hour (near the yoga channel) and forgot just how much I love this band. Out came the albums and onto my MP3 player they went! sing along, "If man is five, then the devil is six...."

Neil Richardson

Semi Precious Weapons - You Love You
Brooklyn quartet debut album since getting signed is full of good old fashioned sleazy rock n roll fun. The perfect blend of full on and slow songs make this album one of the best to have come out of America in some time, maybe as it has a sound that makes you think of the legendary UK bands, like Rolling Stones, would sound like if they started in this era.

Savoir Adore - In The Wooded Forest
Another Brooklyn band although their sound is a bit easier. Folky, indie, poppy have all been used to describe this glorious debut album but one thing is for sure, the sound of Savoir Adore is perfect for feeling good during these warm months.

Pulled Apart By Horses - Pulled Apart By Horses
Final selection is another debut album, this time coming from home grown talent. Quite possibly the most exciting UK debut album of the year. The raw energy from their live shows are on full display, perfect album to rock out to.

Ross Pike

Dead Confederate - Giving It All Away (w/ J Mascis)
A taster ahead of their new record 'Sugar' in August. Their sound continues to grow and evolve aided and abetted in this case by some ripping guitar from Dinosaur Jr main man J Mascis.

The Sword - Gods of the Earth
Yes, they wear influences (Sabbath) very prominently but that doesn't mean they don't rock like absolute bastards.

Yellow Moon Band - Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World
Why did no-one tell me about this band?! 21st Century psychedelia at it's freaky best.

Andy Latham

Soulfly - Omen
For those times when you absolutely, positively have to smash something.

New Model Army - Thunder & Consolation
Surely their best album and a contender for album of the 80s in my book.

Hawkwind - Blood Of The Earth
First studio album in 5 years, some fine moments and better than it's predecessor but still some way from the glory days.