There are less than 20 days to go until Oxjam and, dare I say it, things actually appear to be in order!

There have been a couple of developments since the last feature, most importantly a change in the line-up. You may recall from my last update that, with only weeks left until the final event and an already full line-up, the music manager at The Patriot Inn requested that a covers band was added to finish Oxjam. On top of that, I had to slash an hour off the end of the event, due to noise complaints by local residents; to say I was feeling the pressure is the understatement of the century! I contacted covers band after covers band and all were either booked up or not interested in playing for free; I was on the points of admitting defeat when Port Talbot-based The Last Ride contacted me and asked if they could play - hooray! Although the band normally plays an original set, the guys were so keen to get involved that they are putting together a 90-minute cover set, just for the Patriot crowd!

Although this solved the covers band issue, it didn't help the problem of having too many bands for the new timescale. Before I was able to discuss this with the bands, I had an email from Cardiff punk trio Eject Pilot Eject explaining that, due to line-up difficulties, they would have to bow out of the event. As disappointed as I was that the trio would not be joining us, it did solve a nightmare situation!

Since the line-up has sorted itself out, everything else has been (relatively) plain sailing! Oxjam T Shirts are selling extremely well, with 3 sizes already sold out and the Oxjam CD is finally ready (though I was disappointed that the duplicator had used the wrong artwork, advertising a track that was no longer on the disc); I don't want to jinx our fundraising efforts by revealing how much has already been raised, but if we do not smash our target of £500, I will be very surprised. I'm still on the hunt for raffle prizes, particularly as I don't, as yet, have a star prize. I have however had generous donations from Delta Force Paintball, Voice FM, Luvbee, Global Music Ltd, Rocking Music and individual Oxfam supporters. If you would be interested in donating a prize, please email me at

The event is approaching so quickly, it doesn't feel like preparations started back in June! Although there is still plenty of time for things to go wrong, I am quietly confident that the worst is behind me (touch wood).

In the remaining days until the event, promotion will be the name of the game - there'll be mass poster and flyer distribution around south Wales, newspaper articles and radio interviews with the following stations:

Voice FM - pre-recorded, date of broadcast TBC
Total Rock Radio - date TBC
BRFM - 27th October at 10pm with Isolysis
Newport City Radio - 28th October at 7pm with Blind Ambition

Unless anything drastically changes between now and 30th October, this will be the last Oxjam feature until after the big day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been involved in the organisation of the event, none more so than Patriots MC UK, who are kindly donating their club, equipment, sound technician and security for Oxjam. I would also like to thank the individuals and organisations who have supported the event, either through promotional activities or donations. Finally, my biggest thanks go to Recluse, Counterhold, Tempestora, Blackwaters, Crux, MelonHeadMan, Blind Ambition, Isolysis and The Last Ride for giving up their time in the name of charity - they all rock!

I hope that you are able to come along and support the event. If you can, please do say hello, it's always great to meet Room Thirteen readers! If you would be interested in purchasing an Oxjam T Shirt, ladies vest or CD, please email me at T Shirt designs can be seen on my official Oxjam page

Keep rocking guys!

Sian's Oxjam event is taking place on Saturday 30th October 2010 at The Patriot Inn, Main Street, Crumlin, NP11 4PT in Wales. Doors open at 11:00 with the first band kicking off approx 14:00. Entry is free, donations are requested.