Well July is here already and apart from working hard to bring you the best music coverage, the Room Thirteen crew has taken some time out to enjoy the sun, here is what's been rocking our Summer so far. Get your ears round our personal picks for July:

Rory Cargill

Tokyo Police Club- Champ
I revoke my initial opinion that the debut Elephant Shell was the superior Tokyo Police Club album as further listening to the second release Champ has proved excellent flat-move music. There must be something in the maple because Canada produces some excellent musicians.

Bibio- Mind Bokeh
Bibio's entire discography covers so many different approaches to music, he is easily one of the most versatile musicians I've listened to. This release keeps you guessing, no two tracks are quite the same in terms of genre. A seriously underrated act.

James Blake- Self Titled
Young Londoner James Blake, a recent graduate of Goldsmiths University, has introduced a brilliant new take to music. You can hear the tracks undoubtedly come from a music student with complex and intelligent time signatures and experimentation with breaking the norm of popular music.

James Stant

Plain White T's- Every Second Counts
The Illinois five-piece may have felt a little out of place at this year's Download Festival, but they sure do know how to write a good pop-rock song. Beginning with the track that will often lead to them being labelled a 'one-hit wonder' (Hey There Delilah), this album grows to show that they are so much more than that. Doubtful? Just take a listen to 'Hate (I Really Don't Like You)'.

Here Come the Mummies- Everlasting Party
I still cannot stop listening to this fantastic funk band; their albums have constantly inhabited my car CD player for the past month and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Soulful, tight and humorous; Here Come the Mummies have it all. 'Dirty Minds', 'Attack of the Wiener Man' and 'Boom Boom Room' in particular are all well worth listening to.

Elliot Minor- Solaris
Whilst not as convincing as their 2008 self-titled album, Solaris is still a great effort from British band Elliot Minor. Their orchestral-tinted pop rock songs still possess the trademark Elliot Minor sound, characterised by unique harmonies seldom heard in modern rock music.

Andy Latham

Kate Bush- The Kick Inside
Only 33 years since it was released did I finally get around to listening to the debut album from Kate Bush and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is! Fantastic vocal melodies and sharp production with some very good songs. I may just have to acquire her second album now...

Max Raptor- Portraits
Yes it was on last month's list but it still hasn't fallen off the playlist, it's a brilliant debut with more hooks than Mike Tyson/a tackle shop/something with lots of hooks *delete as appropriate*

Winnebago Deal - Dead Gone
Their first album and back on the playlist because it has a dinosaur on the front and my 2 year old loves dinosaurs, therefore he assumes that Winnebago Deal are dinosaur music! He's not far wrong. Huge slabs of growling riffage that smash everything in sight and all done with balls as big as a T-Rex.

Lucy Sanderson

Beyonce- 4
Having been amongst the adoring crowds at the Pyramid Stage on the Sunday of Glastonbury 2011, I am completely smitten with Ms Knowles right now. I always had a massive girl crush on her, but the fact that her dazzling strength, glamour and independence nearly reduced me to tears that night has sent my infatuation to new heights. The best part? This album is amazing. Listen to 'Run The World (Girls)' or 'Best Thing I Never Had' to understand.

Is Tropical- Native To
Pretentious face-masking aside, I'm loving Is Tropical at the moment. 'South Pacific' is the song you need to check out to really get struck by their shimmering sonic cupid's bow of summery breeze pop- but if you want to see one of the greatest videos of late whack 'The Greeks' into Youtube.

Let Loose- Crazy For You
Last month, The Doobie Brothers featured in my picks of what I've been listening to. I have quite a sprawling musical taste. This possibly accounts for my latest addiction to this particular choice- a blast from the 90s past. I rediscovered it after hearing that Let Loose were playing a show in Manchester and remembered what a tune this little gem was. I won't say 'guilty pleasure' either- this is a truly cracking pop hit.

Emma Gould

Fucked Up- David Comes To Life
The Toronto Punks produce another brilliant album of melodic gems. Full of fantastic riffs and catchy sing along moments, it's been glued to my stereo since it came out and likely to be for some time to come.

*shels- Plains Of The Purple Buffalo
Released at the beginning of July this is monumental sophomore perfection from one of my all time favourite bands; a beautiful journey of sweeping, epic tunes and some huge metal riffs.

Everyone Everywhere- Everyone Everywhere
Re-listening to one of my albums of the year from 2010, this has been a constant companion since it came out; indie rock with an old school emo edge and a ton of gloriously catchy tunes.

William Cross

Lostprophets- thefakesoundofprogress
Always a staple on my stereo but news of the new album coming soon, spoken of by the band themselves as a return to form, has sent my excitement into overdrive. An utter classic.

Taking Back Sunday- Taking Back Sunday
After 2009's underwhelming 'New Again', the emo heroes' first album back together as the 'Tell All Your Friends' line-up is a return to form and puts them right back in the game where they belong. Check out the back half of the album in particular!

Letlive- Fake History
Following their legendary weekend-stealing set at Download earlier this month, this has been on repeat non-stop. If you haven't done so already, you need to check this band out!