The RoomThirteen team again dip into their personal collections to give you a taste of what they will be listening to this month. Here are our picks for August, enjoy:

Rory Cargill

Joni Mitchell- Blue
It's usually when chart music is particularly stupid at any one time that I revert to the classics in a desperate attempt to wash songs like Cher Lloyd's 'Swagger Jagger' off my brain. I'm usually an avid listener of Mitchell's jazzier Hissing of Summer Lawns album but James Blake's 'A Case Of You' cover has got me listening to Blue.

Eels- Electro-Shock Blues
I've seen Eels live twice in quick succession this past month and as I suspected, the hugely entertaining live performances have pushed me over the edge from casual fan to screaming teenage girl. My listening was limited to Beautiful Freak and El Hombre Lobo, now I'm listening to everything in between. Electro-Shock Blues stands out as the strongest album as it covers the most tragic part of Mark Everett's life.

My Morning Jacket- Circuital
A hugely underrated group, My Morning Jacket tie folk with elements of classic rock and are the only band I consider to be cool when head-banging on stage. The Circuital album is their 2011 release and takes you all over the place with its versatility.

William Cross

Slipknot- Iowa
Following their historical set at this year's Sonisphere festival, the metal legends have claim to be the greatest metal band of our generation. Any album is great but I'm heading back to 2001 for some addictive brutality!

The Wonder Years- Suburbia: I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing
The best pop-punk album I've heard in years. Absolutely untouchable in their scene, this band are destined for great things. Frontman Dan 'Soupy' Campbell also happens to be one of the best new lyricists on the planet. Essential stuff.

The Swellers- Good For Me
Recording with Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson has allowed the Michigan four-piece to hone their punk rock flare into stunning songs full of heart and honesty. 'The Best I Ever Had' has claim for song of the year so far-a genuine and total summer anthem!

James Stant

Megadeth- Risk
The Californian band's eighth studio album is one that thrash metal fans will want to give a miss, but actually features a number of decent radio-friendly rock tunes. Although the typical Megadeth sound has been cast aside for this release, there are some real gems to be uncovered here if you can respect that the group have made an attempt to diversify their musical identity. Mustaine and co. certainly took a risk with this album. Did it pay off? I believe so, but you may have to decide for yourself.

Poison- Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996
Everybody needs a bit of glam metal in their life... well, I certainly do! I may not have even have been born when some of these hair-swishing hits were released, but I deemed it about time that I dove deeper than my vague familiarity with 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'. This compilation finely offers the best tracks of their ten year peak, with tracks like 'Talk Dirty to Me' and 'Unskinny Bop' perfectly exhibiting their typical 80s sound complete with crunching guitars and a colossal snare drum.

Here Come The Mummies- Carnal Carnival
The obsession continues. Maybe it is the sense of mystery surrounding the group or maybe it is the attraction to the superb musicianship. Regardless of what is constantly luring me towards Here Come The Mummies, they have managed to dominate my CD player for the third consecutive month, this time with their 2010 release "Carnal Carnival". The wonderfully evocative circus-like mood of the title track allows the American funk band to explore new territory, whilst songs like 'Love Triangle' and 'Creepin' possess their typical tongue-in-cheek style.

Adrian Grobbelaar

Japanese Voyeurs- Yolk
After seeing JV live at Sonisphere, I had to get their debut album. This takes you back to early grunge days, before Nirvana broke into the scene with Nevermind. This is more a Bleach era grunge, but female fronted by the innocent, and only slightly disturbed Romily Alice.

Megadeth- Rust in Piece
An old demon awoken by the Big4 experience at Sonisphere. One of Megadeth's best albums with old favourites like 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due' and 'Hangar 18' blasting out. Thrash lives on.

Slayer- Reign in Blood
Another Thrash demon awoken by Sonisphere. It is always nice to put some Slayer on, but when you're coming back fresh from a Slayer gig, it is totally unavoidable. Reign in Blood is an easy winner with the classics such as 'Angel of Death' and 'Raining Blood' and is a great listen for a dose of fast and furious Thrash Metal.

Sian-Jennifer Smith

Volbeat- Beyond Hell Above Heaven
An exciting, diverse album by Danish rockabilly metal group Volbeat, released in 2010. Catchy rhythms, dirty guitar riffs and vocals to die for, there is so much going on you can listen to the album over and over again and continue to find new and exciting things to entertain you. Best tracks 'Heaven Nor Hell' and '7 Shots'.

Hellbound- Din't Hear No Bell
Melodic metal at its very best, this is the debut release from Gloucester's best metal act, Hellbound. With obvious Pantera influences, this album more than reflects the band's energetic live sound. This band is going places!

Emma Gould

Monument- Goes Canoeing
The Washington quartet have the uncanny ability to create hugely memorable, engaging pop-cored tunes, with off kilter chords and odd harmonies. The tunes on this new album are hugely infectious; so much so that they have you trying to sing along even before you've learned the lyrics to those gang vocal shouts.

...And Stars Collide- The Courage To Start Again
The band's debut full length album and the follow up to their 2009 self-titled EP. It sees them on fine form and thankfully still producing sweeping post-rock instrumentals of epic proportions with beautifully melodic cores.

Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
A blast from my teenage past, Mellon Collie, is one of those records that never ceases to welcome me in; split into two halves you can chose the soothing night-time tracks to melt away to, or the rocking daytime tunes to blast you awake on those boring bus journeys. A true classic.