The RoomThirteen staff recommends their usual eclectic mix of tunes, here is what we will be listening to this February:

Jodie Woodgate

The King Blues - Does Anybody Care About Us
Taken from their latest album, Punk And Poetry, Does Anybody Care about Us sums up the current state of affairs in the UK perfectly. With lyrics that snarl "They took away the welfare, then gave me the sack", Itch and co. know how to drive their message home complete with an inescapable hook that will have you rushing to be at the front of the next protest march. Let's hope Mr Cameron has received his copy of this passion fuelled chunk of punk.

Trivium - Built To Fall
It's never to early to get ready for the festival season and with Trivium set to play Download in June, I figured the latest single from the Florida four piece should get me in the festival mood. Trivium's 2011 album In Waves saw them returning to the tried and tested formula last heard on 2007's The Crusade with their latest single, Built To Fall showing just how far the band have come. Throwing everything into the mix from powerful, meaty drum work to riffs that shred one minute then combust in an irresistible melodic breakdown, Built To Fall demands to be played full blast. Add to that Matt Heafy's vocals, switching between Hetfield-esque gruffness to snarling, chant-inducing shouts and it's clear that Built To Fall will have the Download crowd in one heck of a frenzy.

You Me At Six - Sinners Never Sleep
Set to headline the second stage of Download this year, I felt it was time I gave You Me At Six another try in preparation for the festival. Whilst I never really detested the band, some of their earlier songs have erred too far towards the pop stylings for my tastes but with Sinners Never Sleep the band seem to have really upped their game. Supposedly they had much more input and control over their third album and it certainly works in their favour. From the catchy Loverboy that manages to offload hooks without the sickly, sugary sweetness to the menace of Bite My Tongue, this is an album that should help the Surrey lads win over the Download crowd.

Neil Richardson

A Place To Bury Strangers - Onwards To The Wall
It may only be an EP but APTBS new release is their first with new label, Dead Oceans, and all 5 tracks hit the spot perfectly, well it's APTBS - it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Charlotte Eriksson - This Is How Ghosts Are Made
Without doubt my favourite discovery of 2011, the Swedish star in the making has talent oozing out of her and her 2nd EP, which was released towards the end of last year, proves what a class act she and her band are. I have no idea if MP3s can get worn out but guess I will find out soon with this one.

Lauren and the Black List - Lauren and the Black List EP
Another EP, obviously I'm too lazy to listen to albums this month, this time from a young singer from Texas. The EP may be a little rough around the edges in production sound but more than makes up for its quality in music, plus it is completely free to download, legally as well! Expect to hear lots about lead singer Lauren Burton in the future.

William Cross

Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood Of Colour
The St. Albans boys have delivered on all promises with their third album. Bringing together elements of all they've done before and adding a new dimension of wob-breakdowns, it's an eclectic affair that's killer from the first song to the last. A brilliant start to a year that's going to be suggestively killer in terms of music.

Daytrader - The Last Days of Rome EP
Flying the flag for 'classic' emo proudly high up in the sky, this supergroup of sorts are currently in the studio recording their debut album and to fuel the excitement I've been caining their preceding EP that combines everything wonderful about the genre while making it sound fresh and exciting and a perfect accompaniment to a sun kissed afternoon, a dusky orange evening or a moody rain-storm. Check this out and get excited about the forthcoming album.

Singles Collection January 2012 (Lostprophets, Lower Than Atlantis, Your Demise etc)
2012 has kicked off in cataclysmic proportions in terms of music and the first two weeks of the year have brought us a massive bunch of killer tunes from the year ahead. It was too difficult to pick just one so here are some of the highlights that you should wrap your ears around. The unusually quiet Lostprophets emerged from their silence with the huge first taster Better Off Dead from their tantalisingly forthcoming fifth album Weapons that promises to be a return to form after 2010's disappointing The Betrayed, Lower Than Atlantis have produced one of the best songs of their career so far in If The World Was To End ahead of their sure-to-be awesome debut headline tour and the recording of their all-important third album, Your Demise have returned with a huge progression in the form of anthem Forget About Me, the first single from their potentially game-changing third album The Golden Age due in March while new songs from Cancer Bats (Old Blood), SHARKS (Arcane Effigies), Every Time I Die (the insane and brilliantly titled Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space) and Young Guns (Bones) all also kick predictably huge amounts of arse.

James Stant

People On Vacation - The Carry On EP
2012 is set to be an exciting year for this Texan duo. Not only are they due to release their debut album, but they have announced that they will be returning to UK once again in March/April, opening for member Jaret Reddick's more well-known band, Bowling For Soup.

KISS - Music From The Elder
It has become the album that KISS fans dare not mention, marking a significant turning point in the band's history; a creative direction that frustrated guitarist Ace Frehley so much that he only contributed to a single track from the album. Probably only one for patient and open-minded KISS fans...

Zebrahead - MFZB
After another superb tour in December, it comes as no surprise that Zebrahead have frequently occupied my car's CD player. One of the band's finest albums and although Matty Lewis does a sterling job taking centre stage for the Orange County punk rappers these days, I can't help but feel that there's just no replacement for Justin Mauriello.

Ace Carroll

The Mountain Goats - No Children
A stand-out track from the 2002 Tallahassee album, No Children is an irreverent ode to burning all your bridges and never looking back. A deceptively simple melody contrasts beautifully with the miserable lyrics, and John Darnielle is at his best when he's cheerfully expressing his hatred. What could be better? Instead of wallowing in self-pity and listening to The Smiths, next time give this anthemic nod to pessimism a whirl. Things will seem just as bad as ever, I promise.

Childhood - Mount Chiliad
One of the bands to watch in 2012 - yes, I'm calling it this early - this recently released track from Childhood is a swirl of synths with a touch of grungy glamour. A breezy, shining track from start to finish, Mount Chiliad promises only good things to come. It'll be interesting to see just where exactly they go from here.

Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow
Whether it's still winter or not, there's no denying that the weather outside is nothing short of freezing. And Kate Bush's coldly sparkling record will see you blowing on your fingers to keep warm. 50 Words for Snow is frost and footprints in the snow, aiming for icy and getting there each time. This album is only Kate Bush's second album of original material in the last seventeen years but it's definitely worth the wait.

James Cartlidge

Ronnie Lane & Pete Townshend - Rough Mix
While it might be 34 years old, the material here is timeless. The interesting combination of an all-out rock guitarist with a folkier singer proved to be inspired, as the fusion of the two creative minds put out a fantastic record. Alongside some pure rock-and-rollers, there are slower, more contemplative songs to be found, and the variety of both makes for an absolutely wonderful album. Of special note are Lane's Nowhere To Run, Townshend's wonderfully observed Street In The City and another track where Lane takes lead vocals, but Townshend gets free reign with his lead guitar: the brilliant Catmelody, which sounds like the closest either performer has got to pure jazz-blues fusion, but entirely their own.

The Birthday Suit - The Eleventh Hour
A fairly recent discovery for me, this is the first band to be formed out of the ashes of Idlewild, who are currently on hiatus, by their guitarist, Rod Jones. It would not sound out of place in Idlewild's catalogue, and it's no bad thing. Packed with indie classics like Hope Me Home, Do You Ever and Don't Look Down are wonderfully complemented by beautiful ballads like They Say I Love You and duet Talking Over You, as well as the playful vocals on Are You Okay?. It's not going to break any musical mould, but it's a wonderful album that's easy on the ears. If you were an Idlewild fan, buy it.

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Despite what you may think about the claims that Deerhunter are just Bradford Cox's backing band, this is a stunning album and it also might be the most realized that Deerhunter have ever sounded. This also might be the most each band member has ever contributed; from the jangling guitars on Memory Boy to the frighteningly absorbing ending to Desire Lines, and everything before, after and in between, this album is edging on shoegaze perfection. The music on every track comes together to create a blend of sounds that might not be immediately catchy to the first-time listener, but if you persist and let yourself into Deerhunter's world, you will find yourself rewarded with some of the purest and most imaginative music to be produced this decade.

Omar Soliman

San Cisco - Awkward
Call them twee, call them cute but their bright, catchy melodies will be etched in your mind for weeks. Listen closely to their breezy new single and it almost becomes creepy but who cares when you cannot stop humming the hook.

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid
The comeback single still holds their trademark potency yet displays a welcome pop side. Kick and run guitar and drums remain with a delicious helping of luscious vocals. More of the same for the album please.

Velociraptor - Sleep With The Fishes
Dirty and deranged garage rock straight from Brisbane. Just when you think they've knackered themselves out and run into a dark alley the track takes off again with more shredded guitar. Organised chaos never sounded so good.