The Roomthirteen team bring you their recommendations for March, here is what we will be listening to in the month ahead.

Tara Couper

Juke Kartel - Levolution
This album is about three years old now, but sounds still sounds as good as when it was first released. The LA based band is originally from Australia and are relatively unknown in the UK. If Only is a beautifully performed elegant and evocative track, that really shows off Toby Rand's flawless vocals. Throw It Away is a punchy little number which is always a crowd favourite at their live shows, and highlights the musical talent of the band and the diversity of Rand's voice when compared to If Only. If you haven't heard Juke Kartel they are well worth checking out.

Gotye - Making Mirrors
Gotye has been a star on the Australian music scene since 2003, but the release of Somebody That I Used To Know made the rest of the world sit up and pay attention. Making Mirrors is home to a variety of sounds, no track is quite the same as another, but the mix works well. It's an intriguing album that you can't help but listen to time and time again.

Steel Panther - Balls Out
In preparation for Steel Panther's return to the UK, I seem to have Balls Out playing constantly. This album is home to a multitude of big choruses, catchy riffs and hilarious lyrics. Critter, Let Me Cum In and Why Can't You Trust are just a few tracks on this album that showcase Steel Panther's lyrical and musical talent, not to mention their lack of subtlety. Balls Out is not an album for the faint hearted, but I love it.

James Stant

Patent Pending - Second Family
An absolutely sublime release from New York pop punkers Patent Pending. Their sound falls somewhere in between Son of Dork and New Found Glory, and although Patent Pending are over ten years old now, they clearly still have an incredible amount to offer.

Templeton Pek - Slow Down For Nothing
An impressive five track EP from the British trio that illustrates just why they are escalating to prominence. Having recently toured with big names such as Rise Against and Four Year Strong, Templeton Pek have started to make a name for themselves in Germany. Will the UK be next?

Anvil - Monument of Metal
I was so emotionally touched after finally watching the critically-acclaimed rock-umentary Anvil that I simply had to go out and purchase one of their releases. If you enjoyed the film, then this budget-friendly Best Of collection is well worth checking out!

Paul Chesworth

Pain of Salvation - Road Salt Two
On the back of their recent tour, this latest release really ticks all the buttons for a 70s influenced rock album. Written in a 70s style, it even sounds as if it were recorded in that golden era. Daniel Gildenlow should be proud. It's his best effort to date, and that's saying something!

Cryptex - Good Morning, How Did You Live?
Not a new album, but Cryptex (who supported Pain Of Salvation) are a very young bunch of German blokes, writing songs that shouldn't be possible for their age. Think Meatloaf crossed with Freddie Mercury, Robert Smith and Tim Burton. OK? You got that? Well, you're not even close! A rollercoaster ride that even Cryptex don't know where they are going, and that's what makes the fun even better

Will Cross

Less Than Jake - Seasons Greetings From Less Than Jake EP
Following the surprise release of their Seasons Greetings EP last summer, to mark their triumphant 20th anniversary the ska-punk legends have released a surprise companion piece and it's just as ridiculously good as its predecessor. Twenty years into the game and the quintet still have more energy, passion and vitality than countless young bands. If you've ever been a fan of the band this is well worth the bargain 5 dollar price, tracks such as The New Auld Lang Syne and Younger Lungs are so good I was pretty much crying!

Every Time I Die - Ex-Lives
Possessing the uncontrolled and animalistic rage and sarcastic swagger from their breakthrough album Hot Damn!, ETID have created an absolute rager that roars and devastates like a rampaging lion. This is the band perfecting their sound while sounding the most ferocious they've ever sounded. Front man Keith Buckley's lyrics are undoubtedly some of the best you'll hear all year and the rest of the band's musicianship is often awe-inspiring. Brutal, eclectic and cool as fuck.

Brand New - Your Favourite Weapon
The emo legends recent UK tour was so inspiring, mesmerising and life-affirming that it's set the bar sky-high for the rest of the year's gigs. So what better than to listen to their classic debut on repeat. Get all four of the band's albums they're completely worth your time.

Ross Pike

Tool - 10,000 Days
Seeing as the Tool machine seems to be slowly creaking into life after its six year recorded absence I've gone back to their last record. Not as big a leap forward as Aenima to Lateralus but stacked with complex yet head-bangable riffs. Oh, and my Danny Carey autographed ticket stub fell out of the sleeve when I opened it. Bonus!

Goatwhore - Blood for the Master
All no-nonsense blackened death metal on this American band's fifth record which demonstrates where the metal zeitgeist lies these days: at the extremes. Ferocious and focused expect a review in the next few days...

Yamantaka Sonic Titan - YT//ST
Multi-disciplinary artist/musician duo try their hand at "Noh, Chinese Opera, Chinese, Japanese and First Nations Mythology, Black & White Television, Psychedelia & Rock Operatics". Very much an internet age record and a very interesting one too.

Emma Gould

Cursive - I Am Gemini
Released last month and still on my daily play list, this new album from Cursive is a concept album about brothers separated at birth and is another example of Tim Kasher's brilliant lyrics. It's also one of their heaviest albums in a while. Listening in one sitting is recommended.

Imadethismistake - Bow & Quiver
Unfortunately the band is no more, bit this album is a corker and has been in my ipod since its release in 2010. The folk-punk feel is lo-fi and full of addictive tunes making it not only immediate but one that rewards repeated listens.