It's been a phenomenal few years for Skindred that has seen them go from playing the third stage at Download to headlining Hammerfest this year. We thought it about time that we caught up with singer Benji Webbe to get his take on the band's success and where they go from here.

R13:You've headlined the Jagermeister Music Tour. How was it?
BW:It was great. We have been opening up in these venues for years and its amazing to finally be the headline act.
Its was a great set drawing from across all our albums mixing things up and something different for all the people who came to the shows, some who have been following us since the band started. So it was great to play some of those songs again.

R13:You had support from bands, including Therapy and The Black Spiders,have you played with any of these bands before?
BW:my main connection with Therapy is that they were the band that my old band Dub War supported at our first home town big gig. Lovely people and I remained friends to this day with them cats. They were a joy to tour with and we could not of asked for a nicer or better band to tour with. It was brilliant and the other bands were great too.

R13:You played a total of five dates, out of the five; which would you say you enjoyed most?
BW:All of them were great but Brixton was a dragon we needed to slay and that ruled! Seen a load of bands in there from that bar on the left so it was truly a moment to go out there and headline it and the crowd were amazing.

R13:So, your album 'Union Black' was released this time last year; are we expected to see anymore any time soon?
BW:Well we are starting to think about a release for 2013 we been coming with ideas and parts all sounding big bad massive and hard... but nothing really has taken shape, that happens when we get in a room and rock as one name Skindred.
That said we have released a new limited deluxe edition of Union Black this week with some live tracks and videos on and live performances and remixes. It's a really nice package.
Ed: Check it out here.

R13:Are you finding that songs from 'Union Black' have become live favourites with the fans now and how do you balance that with keeping the old favourites in the set?
BW:I just try to enjoy them all, the set we chose had new tracks that are faves and old tunes that set the place alight! With some Skindred twists and fuck withs. It was great fun and I'm sure we'll be messing with it more for our forthcoming shows at Hyde Park and Download.

R13:You collaborated with Jacoby Shaddix on your single- Warning taken from 'Union Black', how did that come about and how was the experience?
BW:I've been a fan of Papa roach before we played with them in 2004 supporting them across the USA, Jacoby's the real deal and we have been friends since then so it was a honour and pleasure to have him write and record the vocals on the track Warning. We Played it with him on stage with us at a few European festivals last summer, we are yet to catch him in the UK when we are playing that would be THE SHIZNIZZALA...
Ed: Watch Jacoby & Skindred walk on at Dour Festival here.

R13:Is there any other musician you would love to collaborate with in the near future?
BW:Cory Taylor of Slipknot, love his energy and his voice. Best front man.

R13:You were due to play Sonisphere Festival this year, how has the cancellation news affected you?
BW:Its cool, we were so looking forward to hitting the Sonisphere stage once again and rocking it and now Sonisphere is no longer we are majorly excited to be playing Download. We loved playing last year and are super honoured and buzzed that they snapped us up again. We can't wait!
Ed: Check out Skindred Live at Download 2011 - Warning (Newport Helicopter) here.

R13:We caught you headlining at Hammerfest last month and it was a fantastic performance with the whole arena bouncing; when you get a reaction like that does it make you reassess how far you can take this band?
BW:As we build the house of Skindred, we have purposely decided not to have a roof, it may get wet and cold some times but we ain't letting NOTHING STOP US FROM RISING!, Sky's the limit dawg!

R13:You're set to headline the No Blur Festival in Tokyo, Japan this July; this must be an exciting opportunity for you guys?
BW:Mate, I love playing and get excited about every gig, no matter where it is and No Blur Festival is a great bill. We cant wait.

R13:As a band or not have you ever been to Japan before?
BW:Skindred played Summer Sonic in Japan back in 2008. Had amazing time and cant wait to return this year.

R13:Have you ever played at the Vans Warped Tour? It's coming to the UK in November as you may well know; would you consider playing it?
BW:We did the vans Warp tour in the USA 2005 it was hard work in a van and hotels, getting to bed at 3am and getting back in at 7am to make the next city, not easy! That tour near killed us, but we did it and have a blast of fun memory's, if they ask us to do the UK we'd consider it for sure and would love to play on their US one again too.

R13:When touring, what is the most important factor for you as a band?
BW:We fight then make up real quick, dealing with negative energy between us KILLS, and that's not the vibe we need to send out to the people who's buying the tickets.

R13:So you've obviously toured a lot of places; what's the one place you could keep going back to, to play?
BW:One night stays in my head and a place I'm itching to play again and that's in Fargo South Dakota USA, don't ask me why. We played there twice and it was magical... cant wait to return!

R13:Your first album, Babylon was released 2002/2004 how would you say your music has progressed and developed since then?
BW:You don't need me to answer that! He who has ears let him hear Mathew 11:16

R13:When you first released your debut, did you ever think at that point, you'd make it as far as you have and be as successful as you are?

R13:Lastly, is there any interview question you hate being asked?
BW:When did you start growing your dreadlocks? FUCK OFF!