It's been a while since they released their greatest hits album The Capitol Years but The Dandy Warhols have kept themselves busy and by the looks of things, aren't about to stop now; we had chance to catch up with singer and guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor just before they embarked on a 3 day tour across the UK and Ireland, to discuss their new studio album Machine and what's kept them busy over the last couple of years.

R13:What makes you different from other alternative rock bands?
CT:Ya mean besides that we've been a band for 18 years? I don't know. Probably our I.Q's. Or maybe everything. Or nothing. That's quite an existential question.

R13: 'This Machine' is due for release at the end of this month, is it a lot different in comparison to your other studio albums or have you kept the same theme throughout?
CT:We tend to explore either density or lack thereof when we "make a record". Naturally the songs or emotional content cannot change more than the people in involed can or have changed but the sounds and the way they are arranged can change in an infinite number of ways, this particular trip was about being a particularly interesting deep and dirty four piece rock type band so its on the minimal side but not so much as say "the dandy warhols are sound".

R13:You're set to play three UK dates in support of 'This Machine', which are you looking forward to the most?
CT:All of them, Dublin too (next to the UK). Can't wait actually.

R13:How do fans over here compare to fans in the US and where have you experienced the most enthusiastic?
CT:I guess they're about the same everywhere. They are my favorite people in the world and rank amongst the best and brightest.

R13:Throughout your touring days have you experienced any cringe worthy moments?
CT:I am a cringe worthy moment machine. Any time I'm not playing music is or could be one.

R13:In 2011 you headlined The Great Idea at Enchanted Forest, are there any festivals you haven't yet headlined but would like to?
CT:What I'd really like to have, is our own festival with only our favorite bands from around the world playing and then we would play just as the sun goes down then just have the white stripes headline it.

R13:In 2009 you covered "Blackbird" by The Beatles in tribute to the death of Michael Jackson; you obviously have a great deal of respect for him as a Musician?
CT:Michael Jackson. Wow what an icon. Legendary talent and all the freaky you could ever hope for. And then some.

R13:In 2008, you covered The Cure's "Primary" for a charity album; have you done any other work for charity and which charities would you like to do some work for if you could?
CT:Oh we do tons of little gigs and auctions and fundraisers and projects. There are a lot of people out there really trying to help and we will do as much as we can for pretty much any of them that don't douche bag a huge part of the funds into "administration" or a lot of money can also go to advertising which I guess is necessary but at some point it becomes just plain corporate.

R13:Are there any other songs you would like to cover but haven't yet had the chance to?
CT:I'd like to cover a Bauhaus song called Lagartia Nick

R13:You're largely known for song writing; talk me through the writing process?
CT:Well it doesn't really happen the same twice. I don't sit down to write a song so much as just live my life in a certain way and wait for them to happen to me. I have to keep my hands on instruments as much as possible as well as keep pen and paper handy or they stop coming.

R13:Are there some albums you feel more connected to than others?
CT:Of ours? Nope, they all seem very present to me emotionally. S'weird.

R13:You split with Capitol Records in 2007, was it an easy decision starting your own Beat The World Records Label?
CT:Yeah things were going badly and were looking to get worse. Trying to be a label was ridiculous but we learned quite an appreciation for indie labels that actually succeed.

R13:You've done a couple or more songs for various video games, are you all games console lovers?
CT:Only fathead is. Maybe Zia a little. I haven't cared much since like Twisted Metal 2.

R13:You were selected personally, by David Bowie to play at the 2002 Meltdown Festival; that must have been an honour and to then go on and support him on his 2003 A Reality Tour; has this been the highlight of your career?
CT:Yeah he was around a lot back then. That was pretty cool to see how he runs his company and how he does his social thing as Bowie too. Very interesting and also a learning experience as well as quite flattering. Haven't heard from him in a couple years now at least. Wonder how he's doing?