July already? Before you know it we'll be picking christmas tunes for you, anyway back in the here and now, feast your eyes on our picks for your reading and listening pleasure this month, enjoy.

Neil Richardson

Future Ages - EP001
Debut EP from Essex 'Futuristic Progressive Punk' band is pretty much on constant playback here and definitely one to check out for what is great about new music out there.

GHXST - Black Camaro
Latest single from New York trio who recently wowed everyone here with their live shows. 'Noise Grunge' is how they describe themselves; bloody awesome is just as good of a description.

McLusky - McLuskyism
Can always make time for a bit of 'old school' with this nice classic album. Making July a truly rocking month.

Bruce Cousins

Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense
A definitive album of the year; Catchy, heavy and full to the brim with astute rock songs The Plot Against Common Sense is a victory for the ex-Mclusky Cardiff noise nicks. Go see them live for a performance delivered with energy and passion.

Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice
Ex-Botch boys have mellowed and arguably perfected their angular indie art on this 2007 effort. Songs have sexy grooves (and lyrics) which they explored more in follow up Omni but are also heavy in an understated way due to the space they afforded this album with lots of decorative keys and textured guitars.

Dananananaykroyd - Shrapnel! EP
Defunct purveyors of fight-pop win the competition for best title of a collection of bonus tracks with this selection of characteristically energetic infectious tunes that failed to make the cut for their final album There Is a Way. The production is not as good as with the songs which made the album but they sit well as a companion release.

Will Cross

While She Sleeps - Love At War (Single)
I say this with 100 percent conviction, Sheffield metal quartet While She Sleeps are, one of if not the, most exciting band around at the moment. With the August 6th release of debut album This Is The Six fast approaching, this is one of four singles released from it and all are 10/10 ragers. This latest single explores the lack of respect and general apathy in today's society against the generation that was forced to fight in and experience the second world war and is as emotionally weighting as it is ferocious and versatile.

Mixtapes - Even On The Worst Nights
An amazing pop-punk odyssey on what's it like to grow up and realise that the great things in life may have been there all along fuelled by the flawless dual-vocalled melodies of Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver and their perfect lyrics. The best pop-punk/emo album to arrive since The Wonder Years' Suburbia... and it's come out of nowhere. Top class.

Hundred Reasons - Ideas Above Our Station
An undeniable classic that's been on heavy rotation since the Surrey legends announced their final ever shows performing together are to take place in November and which will centre around the performance of this in full. If you've not heard this before, you need it in your life.

Mike Scott

Pennywise - All Or Nothing
Making up for the fact that they have to pull out of some shows and we all miss 'em, this lot have literally made their best record in a decade or more. As effortlessly melodic as anything they have ever done, but still with every bit of the aggression of old, this is an absolute masterpiece, and shows no sign of removing itself from my mp3 player any time soon.

Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead
The new Tragedy album is an absolute Killer of a record. Dark it certainly is, and by far the most accomplished Tragedy record to date. I can only describe it as eerie hardcore - every song is an absolute masterpiece. They have a sound completely unlike anything else in my collection on this. Love it.

Expire - Pendulum Swings
Bridge 9 records are very rarely wrong - and there is a reason Expire are getting hyped so much. Because they are really fucking good. OK they don't break boundaries and he perhaps isn't a lyrical genius, but I have had my head banging on the train for a fair while before self consciously stopping and shyly looking around the carriage as people stare at me with disdain more than once whilst listening to this badboy.

Andrew Latham

Cooper Temple Clause - See This Through And Leave
This is the only album by CTC that I 'get'; after this they went all a bit mainstream for my liking but this remains a great record, full of raw energy and pained delivery.

The Hedrons - One More Won't Kill Us
On long term hiatus I believe, which is a shame as their debut full length offering was a fine slab of gritty and well delivered melodic rock with a punk edge.

Chas & Dave - Rabbit
An unusual choice but when you have a three year old you continually have to find new ways to entertain them. What better way than to dig out some old vinyl and teach him about records through the medium of amusing songs? The only downside being that he now walks around quoting the lyrics "You won't stop talking, why don't you give it a rest?".

Ross Pike

Royal Thunder - CVI
A fair amount hype is whistling around this lot of Relapse signed, Zeppelin indebted rockers, some of it justified. When singer Mlny Parsonz hits her stride Royal Thunder's denim clad rock sorcery soars in unison. At times over long and under inspired but often great Royal Thunder are an enjoyable trip through rock's hall of fame.

Unsane - Pigeon
I'm still spinning Unsane's March release Wreck and especially this brutish and sinewy number. "You're living your life like a pigeon...with time you could rescue yourself."

Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage
Despite easily being misread as an album about a child sized sausage (well, if you happen to be stupid anyway) Gojira's latest and greatest amalgam of death metal power and industrial precision is expanded with new textures and vistas making for metal album of the year contender.

James Stant

Various Artists - Crappy Records Presents: Have a Crappy Summer
Small American label Crappy Records (owned by Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick and producer Linus of Hollywood) rally up a variety of established acts (Bowling For Soup, Madina Lake, Nerf Herder) and newcomers (Sunderland, Super Happy Fun Club) for this excitingly diverse compilation album. The collaboration of Jaret Reddick and Linus of Hollywood (Jarinus) provides a laugh-out-loud highlight in the form of Why's It So Hot?, which features a face-melting solo from Mr Big's Paul Gilbert.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You
When Monarchy of Rose staggers into life, first impressions mostly consist of doubt. Is life after John Frusciante going to work? Thankfully the bizarre opening to the album is short lived and it blossoms beautifully, stemming from the funky groundings of rhythm masters Chad Smith and Flea, with vocalist Anthony Kiedis and new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer perfectly complementing them.

Army of Freshmen - Campfire Classics EP
To celebrate the Ventura sextet having hit their PledgeMusic campaign target to fund their new album, Army of Freshmen provided each of their pledgers with a five track EP featuring some of their most loved releases reimagined with a more natural twist, powering off the Moogs and electric guitars in pursuit of an intimate acoustic vibe.