R13: How are you doing?
BP: Everything is great here. We're just getting ready to hit Florida for our spring break shows!

R13: To all the people out there that haven't heard of you before, how would you describe the music The Spicoli's play?
BP: We're a fun "party Rock" band. A fine mix of Rock, and punk featuring the occasional 80's metal solo. It's fun music to get the kids moving again!

R13: How many records do you have out and do you have any more coming out soon?
BP: We have a full length that came out in 2003 called "Livin' The Fullest" it's our first full length and has 10 songs. Our latest release is a 5 song E.P coming out March 10th, this one is called "Blood, Sweat & Beers" after our latest single. You can order both of these off our website thespicolis.com.

R13: What have you all been up to recently?
BP: We've just been doing a lot of press, and booking, in order to get ready for our E.P release. We're are headed down to Panama City, Florida for a week to play three shows for the Spring break party that week. Then we get back and do some radio interviews and have our CD Release Party. We've also been sending out press kits like mad men. We're crossing our fingers to get on the entire Warped tour this summer, but we'll be happy with just the Canadian dates if it happens.

R13: Have you ever played the UK before, or are you planning coming over here any time soon?
BP: Unfortunately we have yet to consider going to the UK. Hopefully as soon as we find home with a good label and management we'll be able to get out of North America, and bring our stuff and take over the UK. We would love to get to the UK and SOON!
R13: Have you got any festivals lined up for the summer?
BP: Like I said, hopefully we’ll hear back from the Warped tour in the next couple of weeks. That would be incredible to get on the entire tour. Also, there is a festival that is put on in our home town here in Canada called "The Sound of Music", we opened the main stage last year for "Finger 11" and we'll most likely be playing the festival again this year. This festival draws over 70 thousand people a year which is pretty rad for a small town like Burlington, Ontario.

R13: What's the best thing about being in a band?
BP: Being able to say you play music for a living. It's great when people ask you, "So what do you do"? and you can tell them all you do is work at shitty job a couple times a week, play music all day and try to make a living at it. It's worth working a bullshit job when you know the next night you'll be playing to a bunch of people that are there simply to see you do what you love most. Also, nothing can beat the feeling of an amazing live show. Feeding off the crowd is like a drink for us, and the people you meet along way make being in a band the best thing on the planet!

R13: Where do you see The Spicoli’s in say 3 years time?
BP: The Spicoli's will be signed first and foremost, to a label that will take care of us, and never keep us off the road. In three years we'll be bigger than U2! Haha. A man can dream can't he?!

R13: Have you been able to see any other bands play recently?
BP: Recently? I saw The Used in Toronto, I have a huge hard on for The Used. That show was amazing for me. Our producer is friends with them so we had passes, and we were the only ones allowed on stage during their set, so that was pretty cool. Other than that show, no, nothing too recent besides local punk rock shows around town.

R13: Who are your biggest influences?
BP: We run the gamut when it comes to influences. We vary from bands like Goldfinger, Nofx, Nirvana, Less than Jake, Strung out, to Motley Crue, KISS, Bonjovi, Sublime, Ritchie Valens and Green Day. Honestly the list goes on forever.

R13: To finish off, if you were stuck on a desert island and could only take three things what would you take?
BP: Three things huh? An acoustic guitar, a brewery, and a fine lady, to help repopulate the island!