Our monthly selection of aural treats for you lucky readers - here's what we will be listening to in August:

Andrew Latham

Steve Hillage - Live Herald
Awesome live album from the mid 70s that showcases Hillage at his best. Phenomenally slick guitar work throughout and you're left in no doubt as to just why Hillage was a big deal back then. Great to see him reunited with Gong after his ground breaking work with System7. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

Hawklords - 25 Years On
Hawkwind's dark, cold war inspired album (released under the Hawklords name due to legal wranglings). Bob Calvert at his lyrical best and whilst markedly different in style to any other Hawkwind album it sits comfortably in the back catalogue.

Emma Gould

Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere
After hearing the news that Everyone Everywhere are coming to the UK and in preparation for their forthcoming new album I've been listening (again) to their brilliant debut, not that it needs dusting off as such as it's not left my ears since it came out.

Kiwiroll - The Blueprint
Brilliant 2003 record from now defunct Japanese band described as anything from H/C to indie-rock, whatever, it's full of superb tunes and hasn't aged a bit since I first heard and purchased it back in 2006.

Bruce Cousins

Night Verses - Out of the Sky EP
Our shores sure are lucky to hold host to NY/LA based Night Verses first ever tour. Get yourself out to see Night Verses on tour with Flood of Red now and download a copy of this self-released EP for free, you won't regret it.

Never Means Maybe - Strangers EP
Fans of Funeral for a Friend and The Used will no doubt enjoy this from Essex boys. Fresh from a sweaty performance at Hevy, they will be hitting the road once again in Nov/Dec on a monster line up along side Soil, Fozzy and Breed 77.

Mongol Horde - Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen
Frank Turner Teaming up with Ben Dawson (Million Dead) again getting back to what they do best. Yes, Oh yes indeed!

Paul Hogan

Mew - Sometimes Life Isnt Easy
This is a lovely little Indie song from Danish band Mew. Discovered this catchy tune while backpacking across the continent and with all the rain I'm trying to remember warmer times. It builds slowly to a fantastic finish and features more instruments across more layers than I can count which is very much the signature style of the album it comes from, No More Stories.

Lana Del Ray - Born To Die (album)
I was lucky enough to get to Rock Werchter festival in Belgium this year and see Lana and she turned out to be one of my festival highlights. Her music is well worked, incredibly well written and performed to such a high standard that I struggle to believe it was her first major tour. If her next release can match this one then she will cement herself as a headliner for years to come.

Ross Pike

Jack White - Freedom at 21
This is Mr. White's new single and whilst I've been enjoying the raucous lead guitar and fever inducing hook since his debut solo album's release the chord change in the riff has definitely been heard elsewhere - if only I could remember where!

Machine Head - Wolves
I think it's safe to say it now Unto to the Locust, whilst being good it didn't manage to top the grandiose glory of The Blackening. As a reminder try revisiting the razor sharp thrash and duelling lead guitar of this corker.

Art as Catharsis - Drone from the Underside of the Earth (sampler)
A 26 track trip through doom, drone and blackened metal and all round back breaking heaviness all on a 'pay what you can basis'. More than worth whatever cover charge you apply. Get it, you won't be disappointed.

James Stant

Reel Big Fish - Candy Coated Fury
The Californian sextet's first studio album of original material in five years is a fantastic release that cements the bouncing band's status as one of the leading ska punk acts in the world today. Their personnel may seem to forever be changing, but Aaron Barrett is ensuring that the music that we have all come to expect from them continues to be delivered.

Nerf Herder - American Cheese
Sometimes, there's nothing like a bit of geek rock. Parry Gripp and co.'s third studio album is an strong punk rock outing that shows that they are more than just the band that provided the theme for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From the catchy opener Welcome to My World to the heavy ballad New Jersey Girl, it's an enjoyable journey.

Megadeth - Th1rt3en
Having recently read Dave Mustaine's biography Life in Metal, it was inevitable that I would go through a phase of listening to Megadeth. The band's thirteenth album (you never would have guessed by the title, would you?) is a sign that the band are well on their way to a return to their thrash roots.

William Cross

While She Sleeps - This Is The Six
One of the finest metal debuts in years. This is an obscenely exciting record from a band that've been steadily killing it over the past two years. Chock-full of huge metal anthems, Sleeps find a brilliant middle-ground between all-out brutality and refreshing melody. If you like metal, you NEED this.

Don Broco - Priorities
Another killer debut. Broco's addictive dynamic permeates and shines throughout the eleven gargantuan tunes comprised here and it gets that little bit better with every listen. The title-track's chorus is monstrous, In My World radiates with an undeniable joy and Whole Truth is the tune that, were the band to release it as a single, will surely be absolutely everywhere. They've nailed it.

Hildamay - Changing The Key
Promising big things with last year's cracking debut mini-album We Loved, We Lost, the first song to be unveiled from the band's upcoming album is an absolute rager. With elements of Rival Schools, Gameface and Glassjaw in there, this is completely killer. Stay tuned for news on the album in the coming weeks!

Chelsea Harrop

Go:Audio - Made Up Stories
We've not really had much of a summer (Do we ever?), but I still have to listen to feel-good pop tracks so I don't die of boredom from watching daytime television. Though they split back in 2009, Go:Audio still have the ability to instantly put me in a good mood with their irresistible pop-rock songs that are nicely laced with a bit of synth.

Here's to Us - Halestorm
The hilariously blunt lyrics of Halestorm never fail to brighten up my mood despite the gloomy British weather. "If they give you hell / Tell 'em go fuck themselves" - is there any better life advice than that? I think not.

Taking Back Sunday - Twenty-Twenty Surgery
Don't you just adore those songs that magically transport you back to a certain point in your past? This song (and all the songs on Louder Now) cause me to happily reminisce my early teenage years. The solid, rhythmic guitars combined with Lazzara's and Mascherino's harmonies make this track an absolutely cracking pop-punk treat.