Last week we posted a feature (which can be read here) introducing you to one of our favourite new bands around. Merging rap, screams and soaring melodies Guildford's Nylon Sky are one of the most exciting new musical prospects to appear in some time and look set to make an impact on the rock world in 2013. Ahead of debut album Little Things, Bigger Picture coming May 13th and its first single Tell Me (They) before it on February 18th, we caught up with frontman Tony Humphries to learn more about our fave new kings of versatility.

R13: You play an extremely interesting hybrid of styles that reminds of certain bands but also sounds fresh and innovative at the same time, is this something you've expanded upon on the new album?
TH: Yeah I feel like we constantly keep growing and evolving as musicians and the fact that we listen to all sorts of music really helps.

R13: How does the new record compare to the [2012 released EP] 'Barbie Heads And Computer Rooms' material? Will it still contain the aspects heard on those releases?
TH: It is a lot different to Barbie Heads, I guess a notable difference is I'm singing a lot more. There will still be elements of Barbie Heads but overall it's just a huge progression.

R13: How did 'Tell Me (They)' come together? How much of an indication of the full album is it?
TH: Tell Me was actually one of the first songs we had written for the album, I wouldn't say it's an indication of the full album at all.

R13: How was the recording process as a whole? Where was the album recorded?
TM: We recorded it in Brighton at Audio Beach studios. It was nice to get away and just spend a solid month working with the boys and trying to get it right. It's the longest we have spent on a project.

R13: What was the main plan for the album on the back of the two EPs in terms of sound and structure?
TM: I don't think there really was a plan, we just write music that we love and that excites us.

R13: There's a heavy lyrical focus in your sound, have lyrics always been a very important component of music for you?
TM: Absolutely, music is my therapy and without the freedom of expression I don't know what I'd do.

R13: Who are some of your main lyrical inspirations?
TM: So many things, life, love, death, my mind, they boys, anything! The list could go on forever so I'll shut up.

R13: Who are the band's main influences musically? Does the rap element come from a love of the elements it had in heavy music in the '90s or does it come from a more solely rap-based interest or both?
TM: My mum always listened to great rock n roll when I was growing up and eventually I found rap on my own, when I heard rap and rock come together it was like my dream come true. The band's influences are as diverse Bon Jovi, Chic Chorea, Thrice, The Doors and more.

R13: Is the live environment an important way of experiencing Nylon Sky?
TM: Yes I believe if you haven't seen us live you haven't experienced us fully.

R13: What are your touring plans? Are there any festival appearances on the agenda for the Summer?
TM: We don't know about festivals right now but we are excited to be hitting the UK/Europe in Feb and America in March!!! We have more touring goodness but can't say now.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Tell Me (They) on February 18th, it's an absolute cracker, and pick up either of the band's two EPs Barbie Heads And Computer Rooms and Life Will Be The Death Of Us All. We cannot WAIT to hear the album!