What a racket

10,000Things are not your average band; fronted by Sam Riley (an “artful dodger” who has the same stage presence and strut as Mick Jagger), this Leeds sextet all look different, play different and act different. From the bluesy “Oh No” with its tight bass line and bongos that are brilliantly blended, to “Femalien”; a song about alien abduction, they win over the huge crowd that has gathered to see the source of this wonderful racket. Throughout the set a shudderingly good bass line is held by George (bass) and Stobb (drums), with Justin’s fired up percussion adding further depth. This is all shot through with heavy rhythm guitar by Davro, while Will’s lead axe is as sharp as his hair cut. Other numbers they paraded in front of their audience included “Titanium BS”, which not only has a unique title but unique lines- “I think I need titanium boxer shorts/I just can’t cope with all these dirty thoughts”. “It’s about not being able to keep your dick in your trousers” Sam slurs. “Lover Boy” has guitarists Davro and Will jamming together on the edge of the stage, while the next song sees Sam holding the finger to the crowd whilst shouting “I decided to live!”. But undoubtedly one of the best numbers of their set is “Eating’s Not Cheating” (surely a topic of conversation for days to come). The other is “Snake” an ode to an animal that, in their opinion has been wronged-“Hey Snake you’ve been demonized, Hey snake you’ve been covered in lies…”.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen is 10,000Things and there is only 1 reason you need to love them: Attitude!