Nothing is Sacred

The mood is being certainly being set for the next band when bands like Decide and Cradle Of Filth are being blasted through the PA. Then the whole venue is filled with smoke as the band makes their way to the stage.

As vocalist Sean approaches the microphone he says with a devilish grin "And now for something heavier." With that the band unleash their brand of intense thrash-fuelled black metal.

With something as chaotic as black metal, Sacred Flesh remain a polished act whilst delivering rock-star poses. Sean has a powerful voice with Dani Filth-like shrieks. Guitarists Ed and Joe deliver crunchy riffs against the tight rhythm section of bassist Chris and man-mountain Matt. Matt especially makes the drum kit sound like a jackhammer on speed.

The atmosphere Sacred Flesh creates is almost eerie with strobe light and smoke machine controlled by vocalist Sean who is dressed in an intimidating chain mail and leather piece.

If you want a band that can match Cradle Of Filth in terms of heaviness, you've found it in Sacred Flesh.