Against the odds UK metal legends Paradise Lost pull off an entertaining set

Throughout their 17 year long career Paradise Lost have managed to come up trumps despite changing trends in music and difficult circumstances, suitably then their set at this year's inaugural Bloodstock Open Air 2005 also manages to triumph against the tricky situation they have been placed in.

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Constant sound problems mean the vocals of singer Nick Holmes are often inaudible behind the music, which proves a shame, as during the latter half of the set the mix improved and the audience was treated to a display of genuinely powerful vocals. The guitars of Gregor Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy also suffered a similar affliction and it wasn't until the latter portions of their set that they truly improved. The band's lack of charisma in parts (particularly in comparison to the preceding fan pleaser Edguy) combined with these sound problems did not make their set the most appealing to watch in comparison but their musical talent and plethora of quality tunes more than made up for this shortcoming.

Oh and what tunes they were, ranging from their earlier releases all the way up to this year's self-titled opus, the band's heavy metallic stylings came up trumps throughout the set. Prevailing against the sound problems their crunchy guitars interspersed with Nick Holmes' beguiling vocals proved to be an enjoyable formula live and gifted many songs a new flavour and passion when performed in the live arena. Despite a lack of movement and little audience interaction in the first half of the set the band managed to form an imposing impression on stage and their enthusiastic head-banging only encouraged the audience to join in, which is never a good thing!

Overall this was a very enjoyable set despite the band's battle against the sound engineer and their struggle to entertain a cold and tired crowd. The band's quality catalogue of songs pulled through and provided a set that lives up to the band's status. The fact that the band can pull off a powerful set such as this in front of a crowd consisting mostly of power metal fans is a testament to their skill. This set by Paradise Lost,despite the circumstances, was luckily not 'quality lost'.

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