Zombies, Umbrellas and ghouls, oh my!

Is it my imagination or does the sky get a little darker as Wednesday 13 take to the stage? Considering he has an early slot, W13 pulls in a healthy crowd and the video screens that flank the stage come in very handy.

Beginning with a dark atmospheric intro W13 asks "Donington, are you mother fuckers ready?" The sea of devil horn salutes raised in answer suggests that Donington is indeed ready!

They bring a big sound to the main stage with opening track 'Rot For Me'. It's loud, heavy and dirty, just the way rock and roll should be. There's nothing subtle about W13, but today that's no bad thing. The crowd know exactly what to expect and W13 delivers it in bucket loads with a set that includes 'I Want You Dead', 'Rambo' and 'I Want Bad Things to Happen to You'. The band really go for it, as anyone that saw them on their recent tour will testify.

They are not as dark musically as the image suggests, but they prove they have the energy and power to mix it on the big stage. The set is littered with catchy songs and big choruses. A good crowd reaction is received throughout, but predictably the biggest reaction is reserved for The Murderdolls classic 'I Love To Say Fuck' and yes, the "FUCK" umbrella does make an appearance.

Finishing with the single 'I Walked With a Zombie', it's been a short but thoroughly enjoyable set which highlights why the album ('Transylvania 90210') received such critical acclaim.