Mad Narcotics in a Capsule of music

The Mad Capsule Markets arrive for the set on the main stage only to find themselves instantly let down by yet more appalling sound levels thanks to the sound techs who make it very difficult to enjoy the music this unique Japanese band have on offer. Still, they compensate incredibly well with their extremely bass heavy material. Their music is trippy with its narcotic rhythms and melodies and it is definitely the bass that rules this band's performance, chugging ahead of the vocals and guitars with an explosive effect that hovers over the music like a helicopter in mid air.

Their music certainly does give the impression of being the kind to soundtrack your evening whilst totally stoned with its hovering, trippy feel. They make the most of their set and deliver as much of their trance like, explosive crossover music as they can in the time allotted to them. It is disappointing that they should be let down in such a big way by technical problems, but like the true professionals they rage on and give Donington all they possibly can.

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