Violent set from a really brutal band

There was only one word appropriate for Raging Speedhorn's set: brutal. From the music to the pit (it was the maddest pit of the day yet, that I'd been in), and all was just like a battering ram. I came out feeling that I'd gone ten rounds with a prize fighter. The Snickers stage is rammed to the edge of the tent and beyond. The crowd and band got into it in a big way: headbanging was the order of the day with spinning circles opening all over the pit.

The music inspires a response of violent feedback, with its fast and furious beats and vocals that make your ears bleed. That's not to say it was bad - far from it. The guitar work was really intricate, and against a backdrop of chugging bass and drums, sounded really good. And the crowd knew it, loving every minute of it - something not unnoticed by Raging Speedhorn who put their all into it bantering happily.

For many in the crowd that have not previously been introduced to RSH, they are mad, and loud, and fiery. They also play with passion, and take pride in what they do.